The World of MAPFRE started in 1993 as a quarterly publication with the eagerness of keeping informed MAPFRE´s workers, and has kept growing together until today.

16.500 exemplars, 5.000 printed pages. 16 special supplements. In the end, 25 years of work. There has been several changes throughout the years, taking as an example the name of the booklet, that went from simply “Mapfre´s world” or the languages it is published (adding the English and Portuguese language), and also the way of publication, from paper to digital.

celebrating 25 years of The World of MAPFRE

“I believe that we have regularly managed to reach employees, families, agents, suppliers, customers, etc. with this booklet that updats us and opens the door to enter our “world”. Antonio Núñez, ex-Vice Chairman and ex-Corporate General Manager of Resources, Media and Institutional Coordination of MAPRE. You can read the full interview here.


This edition puts together numeous pieces of information that narrates the transformation in this 25 years with interviews, such as the one made to Antonio Núñez, who after 26 years of hard work, has decided to retire. More interviews to new and to more experimented co-workers, a walkthrough the hundred cover pages of the magazine, the milestones made in the Human Resources department and the social engagement Fundación MAPFRE has towards society, among other content.


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