In an interview published recently in the e-magazine Executive Excellence, MAPFRE president Antonio Huertas ranks the company as one of the leaders of the new technological ecosystem. For very good reason. Digital transformation has become one of the four strategic pillars of the company at a global level, with some 700 million euros allocated to technological projects each year.

“The digital model that MAPFRE is promoting seeks to extend the classic concept of private insurance to the entire population.”

In addition, “being global means having the capacity to understand the full spectrum of the client’s needs, while at the same time, being a financial group with a global presence,” he explained, defending the decision in favor of internalization made by the company 40 years ago and that has served as a springboard for continuous growth in recent decades.

During the interview with the supplement for subscribers of the daily economics newspaper Cinco Días, the executive confessed that “it is necessary to democratize access to digital media so that all people can acquire knowledge, abilities and training.:  Insurance has traditionally been seen as a product for the middle and upper middle classes, but that’s not the case. Those who have more resources can protect themselves, but everyone else also needs to guarantee the welfare of their families and their savings against unforeseen events that may emerge,” he explained.

In addition, Executive Excellence is reflected in the pages of his latest number of the publication of La revolución de las canas (The Grey-Haired Revolution),  a book co-written by Iñaki Ortega and Antonio Huertas in which they defend the economic opportunities of aging. The book challenges the reader to discover this process that will give way to new and deep socio-economic consequences and that will strengthen the birth of new industries.

If you want to check out the complete interview and article, you can access it here.