The Chairman and CEO of MAPFRE and the insurer feature in the top positions in Advice Strategic Consultants’ specific rankings, which rate the leading Spanish executives and companies in this area of responsibility.

Antonio Huertas, Chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, features among the 5 most highly recognized Spanish business leaders in Corporate Social Responsibility, according to a ranking by consulting company Advice Strategic Consultants. The report analyzes the contribution of 36 leaders of the main companies of the Ibex-35 and other unlisted Spanish systemic companies in terms of their CSR.


MAPFRE’s commitment

MAPFRE is also ranked among the Top 10 companies for its focus on social responsibility, an aspect which the study identifies as one of the areas with clear potential for improvement on average for all the companies analyzed.

In that regard, the experts advise the country’s major companies to better position themselves in aspects such as the promotion of art and culture, supporting volunteering activities, promoting entrepreneurial skills and supporting digital integration, and call for efforts to help to eradicate poverty and improve workplace integration for people with specific needs.

MAPFRE is a company fully committed to sustainable development in the countries in which it operates, supporting its social and economic progress. The Volunteering corporate program and, in particular, Fundación MAPFRE, are essential assets in achieving this goal. In the past decade, Fundación MAPFRE has invested 500 million euros in projects targeting society in 30 countries, which have benefited more than 100 million people.