The MAPFRE SPAIN Board of Directors has approved the following appointments

Raúl CostillaRaúl Costilla as the new Commercial Deputy General Manager in Spain, replacing José Manuel Corral, who was recently appointed Deputy General Manager of MAPFRE’s Corporate Business, Clients and Innovation Division. Raúl Costilla has also been appointed Manager of Business and Clients for IBERIA, by MAPFRE’s Executive Committee.

He joined MAPFRE in 1997 in Zamora and most recently served as MAPFRE’s Northern Regional General Manager. After a brief stint at the Ponferrada office, in 2001 he joined the Northwest General Management area in Oviedo, carrying out regional manager functions in MAPFRE AGROPECUARIA. In February 2004, he joined MAPFRE PUERTO RICO, and in February 2006 was named Chairman & CEO of that company. In January 2013, he returned to Spain to assume leadership of the Northern General Management area.

Francisco Javier OlíasFrancisco Javier Olías, as the Northern General Manager, replacing Raúl Costilla.

Francisco Javier Olías joined MAPFRE MUTUALIDAD in 1995 as director of the Palma de Mallorca office. From 2005 to 2010, he served as manager of several different offices. In 2012, he was named Commercial Manager of Companies of the Eastern General Management area, and in 2013 became Manager of Companies and Individuals in the Balearic Islands. In 2015, he was named Regional Manager for the Balearic Islands. Since June 2016, he has served as Manager of Business Development for the Agency Network Channel.

Ricardo José GarzoRicardo José Garzo, as Catalonia General Manager, replacing Ferrán Martínez, who retires from his executive post in MAPFRE after nearly 30 years with the company.

Ricardo José Garzo joined MAPFRE MUTUALIDAD in 1986. Since then, he has held a number of high-level positions. In 2009, he was appointed as the company’s manager in Castellón, and in 2012 became Castellón/Valencia/Province Manager. In January 2016, he was appointed Manager for the Balearic Islands, which is his current post.

These appointments will be effective as from January 1, 2017.