MAPFRE has approved the following appointments, all effective from January 1, 2022.

CEOs in Latin America

  • Roy Eduardo Medina Aguilar has been appointed CEO at MAPFRE Ecuador, replacing Raphael Bauer de Lima, who joins MAPFRE Brazil.
  • David Ramos Arenas is named new CEO of MAPFRE Costa Rica, replacing Roy Eduardo Medina Aguilar.
  • Jorge Cruz Aguado has been appointed CEO of MAPFRE Argentina, replacing Salvador Rueda, who is retiring.
  • Roberto Rodríguez de León is named CEO of MAPFRE Venezuela, replacing Alejandro Marrero, who is retiring.
  • Pierina Angélica Pumarol Santos has been appointed CEO of MAPFRE BHD (Dominican Republic), replacing Zaida Gabas, who is retiring.
  • Raquel Riveros Pacher has been named CEO of MAPFRE Paraguay, replacing Pierina Angélica Pumarol Santos.
  • Dennis Gabriel Ordóñez Medina, new CEO of MAPFRE Honduras, replacing Raquel Riveros Pacher.

Short biographies of the new CEOs:

  • Roy Eduardo Medina Aguilar, CEO of MAPFRE Ecuador.

Roy holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Central American Technological University, a master’s in international economics from the University of Westminster and a master’s in strategic business management from the Business School of Spain. He joined MAPFRE Costa Rica in 2009 as vice chairman of Finance and Administration, before being transferred to MAPFRE Honduras as head of finance and administration. Since 2015, he has served in the position of CEO of MAPFRE Costa Rica.


  • David Ramos Arenas, CEO of MAPFRE Costa Rica.

David has a degree in law from the University of Salamanca. He joined MAPFRE in 2000 and served in different positions in benefits and underwriting prior to his appointment as technical manager for company insurance. In 2013, he was appointed regional technical assistant manager for MAPFRE Familiar and in 2015, he was named territorial technical manager in the Northwest territory general management of MAPFRE España.


  • Jorge Cruz Aguado, CEO of MAPFRE Argentina.

Jorge holds degrees in actuarial and financial sciences and in business management and administration from the Pontifical University of Salamanca. He also completed a master’s degree in current applied statistical techniques with GREA accreditation (Risk Management at Insurance Companies) and has a diploma in advanced studies from the insurance sciences doctoral program. In 2006, he joined Fundación MAPFRE Estudios as a senior analyst. In 2009, he was transferred to the technical-actuarial division of MAPFRE AMÉRICA as assistant manager. In 2013, he was appointed Non-Life assistant manager in the actuarial area of MAPFRE S.A. and, in 2017 he was named actuarial and risk manager at MAPFRE Colombia. In 2020, he was appointed administration and finance manager and a member of the management committee at MAPFRE Colombia.


  • Roberto Rodríguez de León, CEO of MAPFRE Venezuela.

Roberto has a degree in administration from the University of Santa María in Caracas, and also completed the advanced management program at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración. He joined the audit area of MAPFRE La Seguridad in Venezuela in 1992, serving in different positions prior to his promotion to the position of general auditor in 1998. In 2006 he was appointed deputy general manager of administration and finance and in 2008 he took on the functions of vice chairman of operations and resources. In 2009, he was named administration, finance and resources manager, his current position.


  • Pierina Angélica Pumarol Santos, CEO of MAPFRE BHD (Dominican Republic).

Pierina holds a degree in systems engineering from Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University and a master’s degree in business administration from Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra, and a specialization in insurance from the Swiss Insurance Training Center in Zurich. With more than 20 years of experience in the insurance sector, she has also served as chairwoman of the insurance advisory board in the Dominican Republic (2005-2006). She joined MAPFRE BHD in 2007 as vice president of the private insurance business and in 2011, she was appointed vice president of sales, taking a seat on the board of directors of MAPFRE BHD (2013-2014). In 2014, she assumed the role of deputy general manager of the technical area at MAPFRE BHD and in 2016 she was appointed CEO of MAPFRE Paraguay, her current position.


  • Raquel Riveros Pacher, CEO of MAPFRE Paraguay.

Raquel has a degree in accounting and administration sciences from the National University of Asunción (Paraguay) and a postgraduate degree in strategic business management from Universidad Pacífico. She joined MAPFRE in November 1997 as a general accountant and was appointed administration and finance deputy manager in 2000, and then administration and finance manager in 2002. Between November 2008 and 2014, she served as deputy general manager for the operations area, reporting directly to the CEO. In 2015, Raquel was appointed operations and finance general manager, and in November 2017, she became general manager of the technical and operations area at MAPFRE Paraguay. In 2019, she was named CEO of MAPFRE Honduras, her current position.


  • Dennis Gabriel Ordóñez Medina, CEO of MAPFRE Honduras.

Dennis holds a degree in business management and administration from Universidad del Valle de México. He also has an MBA in executive management and strategic intelligence and completed a management development program at the University of Alcalá. He joined MAPFRE in 1996, serving in positions in the claims area, before being appointed national head of property claims in 2007. In 2014, he was appointed operations manager and in 2016, Dennis relocated to Mexico as technical manager of the health business. In 2017, he was appointed executive operations manager of MAPFRE Mexico.