TEXT Andrea Burgui for The World of MAPFRE

MAPFRE has 1,094 appraisers around the world and, in this report, five of them offer us more details of their important work.

The work of the appraiser is essential and can be a differentiating factor in an insurance company. Performed by experts, it ranges from analyzing the causes of the incident through to the quality control and follow-up of the case, where MAPFRE’s commitment to quality stand out. This therefore is one of the most important procedures within our industry and, of course, our company.


They are the interface between customers and the company, working every day to achieve a fair, top quality outcome for all the parties involved following a claims incident. They are professionals who not only possess technical knowledge of their particular field, but they must also know the terminology and common practices of insurance contracts, as well as understand and deal with the applicable regulations.


And what exactly does this entail? To find out more about this function, in this article we relate the experiences of five MAPFRE appraisers.