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MAPFRE Asistencia and Verti head up Automotive Dealer Day 2018, one of the most important conventions for the sector in Italy.

The companies presented their new GAP range products for vehicles at the event held in Verona.

MAPFRE stole the limelight during the most important gathering of distributors in Italy with the announcement of new products and the participation of Verti and MAPFRE Asistencia as a company that offers products and services with a unique value for distributors in the areas of global assistance, vehicle protection and lifestyle solutions.

This is now the 15th edition of the vehicle distributor forum that the insurance company has attended. Gian Paolo Aliani Soderi, General Manager of MAPFRE Asistencia in Italy; Enrique Flores Calderón, CEO of Verti in Italy; and Alessandro Priarone, manager of the MAPFRE Warranty Italy retail network represented the business at this latest edition, which was held in Verona.

The main slogan for 2018 was “Looking after your business,” with which the company has attempted to reinforce its differential value as a serious and robust insurance company. This is in addition to the dedication of widely available trained consultants throughout Italy and their commitment to taking on the more specific needs of their clients.

“Growth recorded over recent years is a positive sign for MAPFRE Asistencia”, Gian Paolo Aliani Soderi highlighted to the Italian national press. “This year we’re presenting new and innovative solutions for the motor sector with a broader overview, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the Italian market where we’ve been present since 2003. Distributors can count on us as a tangible and steadfast partner across the country, looking out for their business,” he added.

New product launch

On Automotive Dealer Day 2018, MAPFRE Asistencia and MAPFRE Warranty presented a new product from the GAP range, called 1K, 2K and 3K.  “We would like to introduce this product under the tagline: “You may lose your car, but you won’t lose your smile.” The new offering allows clients whose vehicles have been completely written off to be reimbursed with 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 euros when they buy a new model,” explained Alessandro Priarone, manager of the MAPFRE Warranty retail network.The reimbursement will be suggested at the same time as the quote is given on the new vehicle, so that the dealership can “enhance their offering” and gain customer loyalty. The new product can be offered together with the Value to New Extension service, which includes the Fire and Theft policy. “As well as products, we want to ensure that distributors benefit from constant advice and training,” added Priarone. Operating in Italy since 2003, MAPFRE launched the brand Verti, which is already present in Germany, Spain and the United States, in 2017.

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