MAPFRE was recently awarded a prize for its “Global Internet Framework” project, an award given by the SDL and Fecron companies

MAPFRE has been acknowledged by SDL and Fecron for itsThis award acknowledges the best projects developed in Spain during 2014 relating to technology and digital transformation.

Francisco J. Marco, General Manager of the Corporate Business Support Area of MAPFRE, was responsible for collecting the award recognizing the global model for the company’s online portals, as well as their definition, development and implementation.

The MAPFRE Global Internet Framework enables it to present a uniform image of the company and to be recognized as a global brand on the Internet. Additionally, the project offers other advantages such as appropriate usability on all kinds of devices (cell phones, tablets, computers, TV…), the reuse and standardization of focuses and technologies, and a reduction in costs and implementation times. Also, the business teams will have the autonomy to make changes to the structure and content of the page, which will facilitate its continual update enabling the provision of the best service.

This project has currently been implemented in 14 countries and will reach the rest of the countries where MAPFRE operates during the course of 2016.