Rafael Casas, President of the Fundación Consejo España-Brasil (FCEB) since 2015 and CEO of the LATAM Territorial Area, held a reception for the journalists in Madrid

MAPFRE gave a presentation for some of Brazil's most influential journalistsRafael Casas, President of the FCEB and CEO of the LATAM Territorial Area, was host on March 9 to the journalists participating in the Seminar for Brazilian and Spanish Journalists organized by the FCEB at the headquarters of MAPFRE RE in Madrid. In his speech he spoke of the proposal by the Fundación Consejo España-Brazil, which MAPFRE has presided over since last December, and its achievements and trajectory during the years it has been in operation, with the clear objective of reducing the existing lack of awareness between Spanish and Brazilian society.

He then gave a presentation of MAPFRE in Latin America, where we are the largest multinational insurance company. He also highlighted the role played by Brazil in the company’s business, which represents 20 percent of the total and is situated as the second-largest market, only trailing to Iberia. During the meeting the Brazilian journalists we able to debate on the insurance market in Brazil.

Rafael Casas took advantage of the occasion to highlight the work of the Foundation, which undertakes social activities and focuses its work in Brazil on child assistance as well as cultural activities, prevention campaigns, etc.

The Brazilian journalists participating in the seminar were Clovis Rossi, from the Diário Folha de S. Paulo; João Borges, from the GloboNews; Sergio Amaral, from BANDEIRANTES-BRASÍLIA; Sergio Fadul, from O GLOBO, and Sylvia Colombo, from the Folha de Sao Paulo. After the presentation by the President of the FCEB, the group, together with a number of the sponsors of the Fundación Consejo España-Brazil, were invited to a lunch where they continued to converse about current matters of interest to both countries.

The three-day seminar included institutional meetings at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the Ministry of Finance and Competition, a visit to the Latin American General Counsel and the Casa de América, as well as a reception with the Ambassador of Brazil in Spain, Antonio Simões. The activities were complemented with further visits to important Spanish companies.