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Globalization and Covid-19: a public policy lesson

2020-03-27T09:41:38+00:0027 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Manuel Aguilera Contemporary history seemed to have taught us that the great economic and social disruptions that affect countries used to have their origin in natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes), man-made catastrophes (processes of contamination of resources, nuclear accidents), problems of a financial nature (which quickly moved to the real economy), or, in the extreme, in armed [...]

MAPFRE will donate 5 million euros to the Spanish National Research Council, to accelerate the investigation into COVID-19

2020-03-25T15:08:59+00:0025 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

•MAPFRE's support will enable the activation of new lines of research related to this pandemic, to facilitate the future vaccine. •This donation is part of a set of actions that MAPFRE is implementing to protect people, the economy and jobs, and help society overcome this crisis. •Spain’s CSIC was instrumental in obtaining the vaccine that allowed [...]

MAPFRE allocates 30 million euros to support measures for SMBs and the self-employed

2020-03-25T11:36:38+00:0025 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

It will be discounting from its polices the portion of insurance premiums that cover professional activity during the State of Emergency period and is making new payment facilities available to all clients MAPFRE has decided to support its self-employed and SMB clients in Spain, discounting from insurance premiums contracted with the company the portion corresponding to [...]

MAPFRE reinforces its customer service using telematic means

2020-03-16T14:53:08+00:0016 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Over 90 percent of employees in Spain are working remotely MAPFRE continues to implement its Business Contingency Plan with the goal of protecting the health of employees, collaborators and clients, while maintaining the highest possible quality of service. The company has increased the number of employees in Spain working remotely to over 90 percent in order to reduce [...]

Dividend: 0.145 euros per share (gross) in cash

2020-03-13T13:01:54+00:0013 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

The MAPFRE Annual General Meeting approved the company's financial accounts for 2019, a year in which the Group produced net earnings of 609 million euros, 15.2 percent higher than the previous year. Dividends charged to the 2019 results were also approved, totaling 0.145 euros per share (gross). As a result, MAPFRE will pay its shareholders 447 million euros [...]

MAPFRE updates its strategic plan

2020-03-13T12:59:53+00:0013 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

The Annual General Meeting approves the financial accounts for fiscal year 2019 and a dividend of 0.145 euros per share (gross), meaning MAPFRE will allocate 447 million euros in remuneration for its shareholders. The Group remains committed to paying out more than 50 percent of its annual earnings in dividends. Group revenues by the end of [...]

MAPFRE temporarily modifies its working framework to increase flexibility due to the coronavirus epidemic

2020-03-10T23:04:14+00:0010 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

The company is taking preventive measures in all affected countries   MAPFRE has this morning approved an action plan to make its employees' working conditions more flexible in the regions of Madrid and the Basque Country, driven by preventive measures announced yesterday by various public administrations as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. These measures include [...]

STEAM: the careers of tomorrow… for women

2020-03-09T11:28:01+00:009 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

https://youtu.be/ditNpdjH-mQ   Most girls in Europe become interested in STEAM subjects at around age 11. But at 15, they begin to lose interest in these same areas. At 16, only 25 percent of girls asked to draw a picture of a scientist depict a woman. So what’s going on? The reason most frequently cited by young [...]

Could Big Data become an insurer’s greatest competitive advantage?

2020-03-04T09:10:40+00:004 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Companies that make a clear commitment to advanced data processing techniques—such as machine learning, deep learning and text mining—will be able to tap into an invaluable competitive advantage in the digital environment: information. In this vein, MAPFRE boasts a corporate strategic initiative, Advanced Analytics, which aims to discover new perspectives, make predictions and generate recommendations using [...]

The new Santander | MAPFRE Seguros company commences operations in Spain

2020-03-03T12:21:09+00:003 March 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Comprehensive Multirisk Insurance for businesses and companies is the first joint product developed by the companies, following the agreement reached last year on the distribution of automobile, self-employment and company insurance. After receiving all the necessary authorizations, the joint venture between MAPFRE and Banco Santander for the marketing of automobile, commercial multirisk, SME multirisk and third-party [...]