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MAPFRE recovers and recycles nearly 3,000 tons of waste. this is 95% of all the group’s waste

2022-05-17T11:58:52+00:0017 May 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

The company promotes the responsible consumption of resources, as well as the reduction, reuse and recycling of waste. In 2022, it has managed to institute “Zero Waste” at its headquarters in Spain, in a project that will be implemented in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Puerto Rico.  It is committed to recycling 84% of all [...]

MAPFRE Economics reduces the growth forecast for the world economy to 3.6% and predicts oil over $100 through 2023

2022-05-03T12:44:39+00:003 May 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

It is lowering its estimate for this year by 1.2 percentage points and is maintaining its estimate for 2023 at 3.6%  The Eurozone will be the region most acutely affected by war, both due to the depth of its trade ties and its energy dependence MAPFRE Economics, the MAPFRE Economic Research, reports that, after a first [...]

MAPFRE earns 155 million euros in the first quarter, premiums grow by 10.9 percent to 6.54 billion

2022-04-28T10:46:00+00:0028 April 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE QUARTER The Group's revenue in the first three months of the year amounts to 7.56 billion euros. After falling for two years due to the pandemic, premiums reach 6.54 billion euros, their highest volume in five years. Premiums grow significantly in all regional areas with the exception of EURASIA. Geographic and business diversification [...]

Financial Dividend

2022-04-28T10:43:45+00:0028 April 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

The Board of Directors has agreed that the final dividend for the 2021 fiscal year, amounting to 0.085 euros gross per share, approved by the Annual General Meeting, will be paid on May 31. The total dividend for fiscal 2021 will therefore amount to 0.145 euros gross per share, marking a return to pre-pandemic levels. The [...]

MEAG launches European office property fund – Munich Re and MAPFRE delivering initial properties as seed investors

2022-04-27T06:59:13+00:0027 April 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

MEAG, the asset manager of Munich Re Group, has launched a new European core office property fund. The fund focuses on high-quality office properties in prime locations in Europe's top venues. Munich Re and MAPFRE, the globally active Spanish insurance company, are partnering as seed investors for the fund. They are contributing to the initial asset [...]

MAPFRE joins Net-Zero alliance to eliminate emissions by 2050 and fight against climate change

2022-04-26T11:21:10+00:0025 April 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

The insurance company is increasing its demand for sustainability and positioning itself as a relevant player in the fight against climate change. It will reduce its environmental footprint as far as possible, and support decarbonization through underwriting and investment. By 2024, it will neutralize MAPFRE’s footprint in eight countries and by 2030, in the entire Group. [...]

MAPFRE premiums grow 10.9 % in the first quarter of 2022

2022-04-18T09:19:19+00:0018 April 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

Revenue from premiums from the insurance business grew 12.1 % In IBERIA, premiums grew 2.3 %, reaching over 2.5 billion euros with positive development in key Non-Life lines and the Life Savings business MAPFRE RE premiums increase 17.4 % In line with MAPFRE’s commitment to transparency, we have released advance information to the market about premiums [...]

MAPFRE reveals new Strategic Plan 2022-2024: premiums will grow 5-6 percent with a ROE of 9-10 percent

2022-03-11T12:44:54+00:0011 March 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

The Annual General Meeting approves the 2021 accounts and a gross dividend of 14.5 euro cents per share, recovering its pre-pandemic level. The Group presents its new Strategic Plan 2022-2024 under the motto, “We’re ready. Our time is now!” MAPFRE targets an average combined ratio of 94 to 95 percent, a solvency ratio of 200 percent, [...]

MAPFRE’S Solvency ratio stands at 206.3 percent at the close of the fourth quarter of the year

2022-03-10T13:16:59+00:0010 March 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

It significantly improves compared to 2020 year-end and remains within the target range. MAPFRE has informed the General Directorate for Insurance and Pension Funds of an update of its solvency position as on December 31, 2021. The current and previous quarters’ figures are detailed below for comparison purposes:   MAPFRE Group Solvency II ratio stands at [...]