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MAPFRE collaborates with the UN to assess the impact of climate change on the insurance industry

2018-11-14T11:38:41+00:0014 November 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE is the only Spanish insurance company taking part in this project, along with 15 other leading international insurers. MAPFRE is joining the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), along with 15 other leading insurers, in order to assess the impact of climate change and to incorporate the recommendations of the Task Force on [...]


The board of directors has appointed Antonio Gómez Ciria as an independent director

2018-11-08T08:53:37+00:008 November 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

The board of directors has appointed Antonio Gómez Ciria as an independent director via the co-option procedure, with effect from January 1 next. Antonio Gómez Ciria replaces Rafael Márquez Osorio, who is stepping down from his duties having served the maximum term in office set down in the board’s statutes. Antonio Gómez Ciria holds a degree [...]


Restructuring of strategic alliance with Banco de Brasil is authorized

2018-11-08T07:55:02+00:008 November 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE has conveyed to the CNMV that it has received the final regulatory authorization necessary to complete the restructuring of the strategic alliance that has been agreed with BANCO DO BRASIL. After having received the corresponding regulatory and administrative authorizations, the transaction is expected to close this coming November 30, 2018, at which date MAPFRE will [...]


MAPFRE boosts earnings 18.9 percent to 529 million euros

2018-11-08T08:02:36+00:008 November 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FIRST NINE MONTHS Revenue amounts to 20.3 billion euros (-4.7 percent) while premiums total 17.22 billion euros (-4.3 percent). The change is down to the sharp currency depreciation across the main markets in which MAPFRE operates.  Iberia is once again the Group's main growth driver, posting premium growth of 13 percent and [...]


“600 people working at VERTI in Italy with a common goal” Enrique Flores-Calderón

2018-11-05T09:49:30+00:005 November 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ4XSLiZgEY&feature=youtu.be Some of the strengths and challenges that the CEO  of Verti Italy, Enrique Flores-Calderón, covers in this video interview include: the experience of the professionals working for the company in Italy for 17 years, and who are now “driving” VERTI in Italy to become a leading player in this market; the Group’s clear support, which [...]


Javier Fernández, new Head of Corporate Communication

2018-10-26T08:21:54+00:0026 October 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

Additionally, the Executive Committee was informed of the appointment of JAVIER FERNANDEZ GONZALEZ as Head of Corporate Communication at MAPFRE, replacing María Echanove. Javier will report directly to Eva Piera Rojo, Group Chief External Relations Officer. Javier joined MAPFRE in 2014 as Assistant Manager for External Communication and currently holds this position. He has a degree [...]


MAPFRE appoints new CEO in Panama and Honduras

2018-10-26T08:22:54+00:0026 October 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE’s governing bodies have approved the following appointments for the LATAM Territorial Area.   Gerardo Corrales as CEO of MAPFRE in Panama, replacing Dino Mon. Gerardo Corrales, a native of Honduras, holds a degree in Economics from the Universidad Autónoma de Honduras and an MBA from Campbell University, North Carolina, USA. He joined MAPFRE on May [...]


MAPFRE strengthens its commitment to socially responsible investment by launching a range of ESG products

2018-10-25T08:12:20+00:0025 October 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

It presents its new mutual fund Capital Responsable (“Responsible Capital”), which follows on from the existing “Good Governance Fund” and is complemented by a pension scheme and a mutual society (EPSV). MAPFRE has now given a further demonstration of its firm commitment to socially responsible investment with the launching of a full range of products that [...]


The new Verti Music Hall in Berlin will open to the public this weekend

2018-10-11T16:27:26+00:0011 October 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

Located on Mercedes-Benz square, in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain, the new Verti Music Hall will open to the public this Saturday. The venue can accommodate 4,500 people and aims to welcome more than a million visitors annually to the more than one hundred entertainment events and concerts it will host. Apart from integrating itself [...]