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MAPFRE and Swiss Life to set up a co-investment solution for prime office locations 

2018-03-16T07:43:19+00:00 16 March 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

Swiss Life and MAPFRE will establish a real estate vehicle in the coming months that will invest in prime office locations of the main French cities and will be managed by Swiss Life Asset Managers, Real estate France. MAPFRE is the largest multinational insurance Company in Latin America and the benchmark insurer in Spain. Swiss Life [...]


MAPFRE and Solera expand their automobile repair research undertaking with the incorporation of CESVI BRAZIL

2018-03-15T13:22:17+00:00 15 March 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

Solera and MAPFRE today announced that their existing joint venture, Solera Technology Centre (STC), has signed a definitive agreement to acquire CESVI (Center for Experimentation and Road Safety) Brazil. The acquisition is subject to closing conditions, including approval by the Brazilian competition regulatory authority. CESVI Brazil is a leading automotive research and experimentation center in Brazil, [...]


MAPFRE’s best assets in Turkey are young experts and a committed team

2018-03-14T10:06:20+00:00 14 March 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

In this interview, MAPFRE Sigorta CEO, Alfredo Muñoz, reveals the main strengths of the company in a strategic market Alfredo Muñoz, CEO of MAPFRE Sigorta in Turkey, values human capital highly – young, expert and committed – in the team that he leads in the country, which has allowed the company to offer [...]


MAPFRE and Satellite Insurance: Opportunities and Trends

2018-03-13T12:59:48+00:00 13 March 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE and Satellite Insurance: The Spanish observation satellite called Paz was successfully launched  from the Vandenberg airbase in California on board a Falcon 9 rocket. Paz will orbit the planet 15 times every 24 hours, taking up to 100 images every day thanks to its radar system. This information will be used for strategic missions [...]


MAPFRE to pay 0.145 euros per share against 2017 results, 63.7 percent of profit

2018-03-09T12:46:02+00:00 9 March 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

The Annual General Meeting approves the accounts for 2017, in which the Group made a net profit of 701 million euros. The company assigns 447 million euros to dividends. Worthy of note is the high level of compliance with strategic objectives, Commitment to equality: women now represent 39 percent of management job positions within the [...]


Annual General Meeting 2018

2018-03-09T07:39:41+00:00 9 March 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

The Annual General Meeting takes place today at 11.30 h, at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos del Campo de las Naciones (Avenida de la Capital de España s/n). You will be able to follow the event live throughout our corporate website and at MAPFRE News. You can access the related documents here. 2017 General Meeting Special


“Progress towards risk-based regulations may stimulate an increase in the role of insurance in the economy”

2018-02-28T13:03:32+00:00 28 February 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

Solvency regulatory models allow a more efficient allocation of capital and create incentives for more professional management of insurance companies  MAPFRE Economic Research presents a report on insurance solvency regulation systems. The "Insurance solvency regulation systems" report, prepared by MAPFRE Economic Research and presented today at Fundación MAPFRE – the institution that publishes the study – [...]


MAPFRE converts its 1 billion euro syndicated credit line into a sustainable loan

2018-02-26T10:03:35+00:00 26 February 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

This transaction makes MAPFRE the first insurance company in the world to structure a loan in this manner MAPFRE has converted its 1 billion euro syndicated credit line (which matures in December 2021) into a sustainable loan, thereby becoming the first insurance company in the world to execute a transaction of this nature for general corporate [...]


Discover the new RS18 that Renault and MAPFRE will use for this season’s F1

2018-02-22T09:27:20+00:00 21 February 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

Renault Sport F1 has just unveiled the new RS18, which will be driven by Carlos Sainz and Nico Hülkenberg in this season’s F1 championship. The car is blacker than before, with less yellow, and the MAPFRE logo’s prime positioning on the monocoque reflects the recently signed agreement with Renault, which reinforces our company’s sponsoring of the [...]


Renzo Calda, CEO of MAPFRE in Peru: “Our objective is to popularize insurance”

2018-02-16T09:48:40+00:00 16 February 2018|Categories: Corporate News|

This interview with Renzo Calda inaugurates a new series of video interviews of the main MAPFRE executives around the world. We start this interesting conversation with Renzo Calda, the CEO of MAPFRE in Peru, a company that has obtained excellent financial results in 2017 within LATAM South, which have quadrupled its profits thanks [...]