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MAPFRE launches MAWDY, the new brand for its Assistance division

2023-01-19T09:22:29+00:0019 January 2023|Categories: Corporate News|

The company will focus on Europe and Latin America, MAPFRE's strategic markets where it has extensive experience and where it aspires to achieve leadership. MAWDY Worldwide Digital Assistance is an insurance products and services company that builds digital solutions for its partners and customers. MAPFRE's Assistance division begins a new era in 2023, with a more [...]

MAPFRE, together with other 28 world-leading insurers and the United Nations, launch pioneering target-setting protocol to accelerate transition to Net-Zero economy

2023-01-17T14:46:49+00:0017 January 2023|Categories: Corporate News|

Antonio Huertas (MAPFRE): “Our environmental commitment is to gradually and progressively raise the bar on sustainability” Net-Zero Insurance Alliance (NZIA) members like MAPFRE will begin to independently set science-based, intermediate decarbonisation targets for their respective insurance and reinsurance underwriting portfolios by July 2023.  Version 1.0 of the NZIA Target-Setting Protocol is the first of its kind [...]

MAPFRE premiums grow 10.8% in 2022

2023-01-17T07:36:06+00:0017 January 2023|Categories: Corporate News|

Growth has been solid both in Non-Life lines (+12.0%) as well as in Life lines (+6.4%) The Group would have 8.7% growth, adjusting for the following non-recurring effects: the sale of BANKIA VIDA at the end of 2021 (-0.8%), the relevant multi-year policy in Mexico issued in 2021 (-2.4%) and currency appreciation in 2022 (+5.3%) Premiums [...]

MAPFRE Economics forecasts Spain will grow by 1% in 2023

2023-01-12T11:05:59+00:0012 January 2023|Categories: Corporate News|

It will be one of the few developed economies to be spared a recession, despite the expected contraction in the first quarter. MAPFRE Economic Research cuts its forecast for the world economy by seven tenths of a percentage point, to 2%. The experts estimate that 2023 may bring new opportunities for the insurance sector. MAPFRE Economics, [...]

MAPFRE joins the Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance

2023-01-11T09:06:34+00:0011 January 2023|Categories: Corporate News|

The insurance company takes another step forward in its decarbonization strategy and positions itself as a relevant player in the fight against climate change.  Signing on to the NZAOA means that it will set concrete emission reduction objectives for 2023 and report on progress made.  Launched by the United Nations, this alliance is currently made up [...]

MAPFRE Brazil and Nikolaus Steve Maack stand out as top innovators

2022-12-15T10:51:00+00:0015 December 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE has received a new recognition in Brazil, having entered the ranking of the 100 most outstanding companies in the field of innovation in the insurance industry in Brazil. The company has been present in Brazil since 1992 and it is currently the second largest market for the group after Spain. This ranking prepared by Insurtalks [...]

MAPFRE presents Siemens with the Inclusión Responsable award for its commitment to people with disabilities

2022-12-01T09:48:07+00:001 December 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE recognizes the company's leadership for the quality and detail of a policy that recognizes all forms of disability and establishes annual objectives to ensure compliance The award was presented at the 3rd Forum of the MAPFRE Sustainable Finance Observatory, where business leaders, academics and financial experts discussed the impact of investments aimed at social inclusion [...]

Antonio Huertas: “We believe in a fair energy transition with a strong social commitment”

2022-12-01T15:56:36+00:0030 November 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE places the focus on Latin America, where it is the leader: “We must take advantage of all the economic, social and environmental potential of the region and offer insurance that protects the most vulnerable groups”         MAPFRE is the only Spanish company participating in the second annual meeting of the UNEP FI Leadership Council organized by [...]

MAPFRE’s solvency ratio stands at 216.8 percent at the close of the third quarter, within the target range

2022-11-21T09:08:34+00:0021 November 2022|Categories: Corporate News|

The increase in the solvency capital requirement is in line with organic business growth. MAPFRE has informed the General Directorate for Insurance and Pension Funds of the quarterly recalculation of its solvency position in line with the European Central Bank’s requirements within the financial stability framework, following the Insurance Supervisor’s recommendations based on best practices for [...]