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MAPFRE premiums grow 7% to september

2021-10-18T09:54:56+00:0018 October 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

The company gives advance information to the market regarding premiums by region and business unit In IBERIA, premiums grew 7.4%, surpassing 5.7 billion euros MAPFRE RE premiums increase 11.7%   MAPFRE has decided to release advance information to the market about premiums by region and business unit. This is part of our commitment to transparency and [...]

Antonio Huertas receives “2020 Spanish Personality” Award in Brasilia

2021-10-18T07:56:07+00:0018 October 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

The MAPFRE CEO emphasized the confidence in the country, MAPFRE’s second largest market, at the sixth edition of the Awards organized by the Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce. MAPFRE CEO Antonio Huertas recently received the Spain-Brazil Personality Award at the 6th edition of the awards held in Brasilia. In his acceptance speech, he emphasized MAPFRE's confidence in [...]

40 years of providing the best service to our customers in Malta

2021-10-13T09:33:51+00:0013 October 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

In an interview given to the publication Malta Business Weekly to mark the 40th Anniversary of MAPFRE Middlesea on the island, Javier Moreno, the company’s CEO, talks about his experience and vision for the company. “My expectations are definitely being met,” he explains, while emphasizing the company’s spirit of teamwork and solid values, as well as an [...]

Improving mental health in Costa Rica, key in the alliance between Koa Health and MAPFRE

2021-10-07T14:54:34+00:007 October 2021|Categories: Corporate News|Tags: |

Koa Health's lead product, Koa Foundations, is a digital solution that provides accessible, personalized and effective mental health care and support backed by science. Now the company has partnered with MAPFRE, leading insurer in the Spanish and Latin American market, to enhance its clients’ mental health in Costa Rica, prior to rolling out the service throughout [...]

MAPFRE Rated Most Responsible Financial Services Company in Mexico

2021-10-06T07:47:49+00:005 October 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

In the Responsible Companies ranking, it is also positioned as the sixth most responsible company in the country thanks to its sustainability practices   MAPFRE Mexico has positioned itself as the sixth most responsible company in the country thanks to its social actions, which stand out for generating high impact initiatives at a national level, and [...]

Safe-driving discounts for MAPFRE USA customers in Massachusetts

2021-10-04T10:16:43+00:001 October 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE USA’s MotionSmart UBI product can lead to increased safety behind the wheel, resulting in discounts on insurance. MotionSmart was developed in collaboration with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) for new MAPFRE policyholders in Massachusetts. Alliance with CMT   Jaime Tamayo, CEO of MAPFRE USA and North America, commented, “Safer driving implies fewer accidents. We are delighted [...]

MAPFRE is the Insurance Company with the Best Reputation in Mexico for the Fifth Year

2021-09-21T14:00:58+00:0021 September 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

For the fifth year running, MAPFRE was once again positioned as the company in the insurance industry with the best reputation at the 9th edition of MERCO Companies and Leaders of Mexico. The goal of this ranking is to highlight the companies and leaders with the most consolidated reputation during the year. This year's event was [...]

“There is still a very large number of uninsured Nat-cat events”, says MAPFRE RE’s CEO Pérez de Lema

2021-09-20T08:21:04+00:0020 September 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

During this past (Re)Connect conference, Eduardo Pérez de Lema, CEO of MAPFRE RE, had a fireside chat with Rachel Dalton, senior reporter at Insurance Insider. The conversation covered topics such as views on and lessons learned regarding the growing severity and frequency of natural disasters, the company’s adaptation to Covid-19, Hurricane Ida’s impact, price adequacy in [...]

MAPFRE’s solvency ratio stands at 194.5 percent at the close of the second quarter of the year

2021-09-16T14:49:07+00:0016 September 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

It improves compared to 2020 year-end and stays within the target range MAPFRE has informed the General Directorate for Insurance and Pension Funds of an update of its solvency position as on June 30, 2021. Following recommendations from the Spanish supervisor, the Solvency Capital Requirement (SCR) continues to be calculated quarterly as a result of the [...]

‘The voice of insurance’ podcast with Javier San Basilio, CUO at MAPFRE RE, led by Mark Geoghegan  

2021-09-15T05:53:56+00:0015 September 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

In a recent episode of The Voice of Insurance, Javier San Basilio, CUO at MAPFRE RE, discussed with Mark Geoghegan about the landscape for the reinsurance and his vision on the industry, the company’ strategy and highlights as Insurtechs, automatic trading and Covid-impact, among others. San Basilio sees margin for improvement with regards to the current [...]