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Nadal celebrates the tenth anniversary of his partnership with MAPFRE with an insur_space interview open to the whole world

2019-05-08T08:53:31+00:008 May 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

Rafa Nadal, located in the centre, was accompanied by sports journalist Manu Carreño (left) and MAPFRE vice-president Ignacio Baeza (right in the photograph). Transformation and leadership were the themes of the interview broadcast to the whole world via Twitter from the MAPFRE innovation center. On May 3rd, Rafa Nadal held an informal interview with employees and [...]


MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS creates an international risk management award to be presented in Salamanca in June

2019-05-07T08:59:22+00:007 May 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS announced today the creation of the International Risk Management Award. This accolade, which will be awarded on a biennial basis, will be awarded to the customer who has done the best job in this field over the last two years. Among the most significant factors that will be assessed for the awarding of [...]



2019-04-30T08:48:56+00:0030 April 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

The Board of Directors has ratified the payment of a final dividend against the results for fiscal year 2018 of 0.085 euros gross per share on June 25 next, giving a total dividend charged against the 2018 results of 0.145 euros per share. https://noticias.mapfre.com/en/dividend-2018/


MAPFRE sees 5.8 percent increase in first quarter revenues and improves profitability in its principal markets

2019-04-30T08:48:34+00:0030 April 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

KEY POINTS FOR THE FIRST QUARTER Premiums rise 3.3 percent to 6.4 billion euros, with earnings up by 0.6 percent to 188 million euros. The combined ratio improves six-tenths of a percent to 95.9 percent. In Spain, premiums are up by 7.9 percent, beating the market by a factor of seven, with MAPFRE being the [...]


The impact in Spain of the gender gap in pensions exceeds €26 billion

2019-04-11T09:56:06+00:0011 April 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

This gap entails a 2.4 billion euros and 2.9 billion euros loss in revenue in Personal Income Tax and VAT, respectively. Women receive almost 24.5 billion euros less in pensions than men, despite the fact that the percentage of pensioners is essentially balanced. Pension contribution gaps due to maternity and long-term unemployment are key to the [...]


MAPFRE switches off the lights for nature during Earth Hour

2019-03-29T10:02:38+00:0029 March 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

The company underlines its commitment to sustainability and the fight against climate change MAPFRE is once again joining the "Earth Hour" initiative, the biggest mobilization campaign against climate change, switching off the lights and illuminated signs tomorrow, Saturday, between 8:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m., in the company’s main buildings around the world. Earth Hour, a movement [...]


MAPFRE presents its new strategic plan to investors on its third investor day

2019-03-25T11:02:10+00:0025 March 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

From left to right, José Luis Jiménez (Group Chief Investment Officer); José Luis Gurtubay (Group Chief Strategy and M&A Officer); Antonio Huertas (MAPFRE Chairman & CEO); Fernando Mata (Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board), and Natalia Núñez (Investor Relations & Capital Markets Director). MAPFRE held the third edition of its Investor Day in Madrid [...]


Economic Research presents the MAPFRE GIP INDEX, the first global indicator that will measure the insurance potential of the world’s different markets

2019-03-15T10:46:05+00:0015 March 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

China leads the ranking for potential in both Life and Non-Life. The USA and India are among the top three positions in both lines. The new index will be updated on an annual basis.   This morning MAPFRE Economic Research presented the MAPFRE GIP (Global Insurance Potential index), a new indicator designed to measure the global [...]


“Transforming ourselves for growth and improved profitability” MAPFRE’s new strategic plan for the next three years

2019-03-08T13:43:35+00:008 March 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

The Annual General Meeting approves the accounts for fiscal year 2018 and a dividend of 0.145 euros gross per share, meaning MAPFRE will allocate 447 million euros to remunerating its shareholders. The new strategic plan envisages revenues of 30 billion euros by 2021 or average premium growth of 5 percent over the three years and [...]



2019-03-08T13:47:16+00:008 March 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

The MAPFRE Annual General Meeting has approved the company’s accounts for fiscal year 2018, a period in which the Group produced net earnings of 529 million euros. The dividend payable against the 2018 results stands at 0.145 euros gross per share. MAPFRE is allocating a total of 447 million euros, completely in cash, to shareholder remuneration, [...]