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Portfolio construction for 2021 — Rankia

2020-12-28T11:45:18+00:0028 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Ismael García Puente, investment manager at MAPFRE Inversión.   "Expecting the unthinkable" is in and of itself a meaningless phrase since you can't expect something that you have not already thought of. However, in my opinion, there is nothing better than this piece of nonsense to describe what happened in 2020, a year that is just [...]

Five factors in the transition from universal recession to uneven recovery

2020-12-28T11:45:14+00:0028 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Manuel Aguilera, General Director of MAPFRE Economics.   As has been widely discussed by analysts and academics, the current crisis in the global economy—characterized by the sharp and deep decline in economic activity—has only one explanation: the implementation of lockdown and social distancing measures with which governments have sought to contain the expansion of the COVID-19 [...]

MAPFRE Uruguay closes another year as one of the top companies in terms of reputation in the Merco ranking

2020-12-23T17:14:45+00:0023 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Merco (Monitor Empresarial de Reputación Corporativa — corporate reputation monitoring body) has placed MAPFRE Uruguay at the top of its industry in the corporate reputation ranking for the second year running, placing 67th among the top 100 companies in the country.   As outlined by MAPFRE Uruguay, this recognition will encourage the company to continue to [...]

MAPFRE Salud ARS wins two Excellence Awards from the ‘Asociación Dominicana de Corredores de Seguros’ (Dominican Association of Insurance Brokers — ADOCOSE)

2020-12-23T09:26:51+00:0023 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Andrés Mejía, Executive Chairman of MAPFRE Salud ARS (pictured, furthest right on the front row), together with the prizewinners and ADOCOSE representatives. MAPFRE Salud ARS has been awarded Best Technical Area of the Year and Best Claims Area, respectively, at the 2020 Excellence Awards presented by the Dominican Association of Insurance Brokers (ADOCOSE). This year marked [...]

Mexico, a country full of opportunities

2020-12-21T11:50:06+00:0021 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Insurance goes beyond the sole topic of disasters — it improves social well-being, it's an economic engine, and insurers are important investors, providing medium- and long-term stability. On December 15, Jesús Martínez Castellanos, CEO of the LATAM North Region and CEO of MAPFRE MEXICO was invited to participate in the Invertir en México (Invest in Mexico) [...]

MAPFRE AM’s recommendations for 2021: European equities, sovereign debt as a source of liquidity and alternative assets

2020-12-17T19:03:24+00:0017 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE AM experts held a meeting on Thursday, December 17 with the media to outline key factors driving the markets over the next 12 months. If 2020 has been a turbulent year as a result of the pandemic, 2021 may bring with it a favorable environment for equities, especially on the European bourses; European sovereign debt [...]

Five tips for small investors

2020-12-17T11:38:01+00:0017 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Alberto Matellán Chief economist of MAPFRE Inversión   "October. This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February." This Mark Twain quote perfectly captures the complexity of financial markets and the difficult role of financial advisors. But private [...]

MAPFRE ends the year with over 500 million in real estate funds

2020-12-18T11:51:41+00:0017 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Interest rates have been at near-zero levels in the eurozone since September 2014 and expectations of a change in this outlook have been delayed as a result of how the pandemic is affecting the economy. This is compounded by central bank intervention in financial markets with massive liquidity injections, which has led to more conservative asset [...]

MAPFRE consolidates its asset management business

2020-12-16T11:03:17+00:0016 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

Through this line of business, the insurer manages an advised volume of more than 800 million euros, with a growth of 23 percent since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The low interest rates that monetary policy has been navigating in recent years have forced investors to pursue a more diversified and specialized strategy for profitability. [...]

The G20 and debt treatment

2020-12-15T12:28:30+00:0015 December 2020|Categories: Corporate News|

The G20's formal endorsement of the Common Framework for Debt Treatments at its November 20–21 virtual leaders' summit is good news for poor debtor countries. Although this gives cause for optimism, there remain many stumbling blocks along the way. This G20 initiative is based on the agreements reached by the Paris Club at the start of [...]