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Increase in participation in MAPFRE PERÚ VIDA

2021-07-20T16:16:08+00:0020 July 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE, through its subsidiary MAPFRE INTERNACIONAL which currently holds 67.4071 percent of the share capital of the Peruvian insurance company MAPFRE Perú Vida Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros (“MPV”), has reached an initial agreement with various shareholders of said entity, who hold 32.17 percent of the share capital, by means of which it would acquire said [...]

Giraez, a cash-to-service solution for sending money between people in different countries, has won the Insurtech Lab from IE University and MAPFRE

2021-07-20T12:42:12+00:0020 July 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

Giraez allows friends and relatives of people in other countries to receive remittances in the form of goods or services, with total control over the amount transferred and avoiding travel, excessive fees and security issues. The winning team will become part of insur_space, MAPFRE's fast-track-to-market program where, as well as receiving 30,000 euros to develop their [...]

MAPFRE premiums grow 6.2% in the first half of the year

2021-07-16T06:51:25+00:0016 July 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

The company gives advance information to the market regarding premiums by region and business unit In Spain, premiums grew almost 7%, surpassing 4.2 billion euros MAPFRE RE premiums increase over 11% MAPFRE has decided to release advance information to the market about premiums by region and business unit. This is part of our commitment to transparency [...]

MAPFRE, the largest internationally active Spanish insurance group

2021-07-15T10:45:12+00:0015 July 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

Premiums from outside Spain reach 13.81 billion, 67.8% of the total business MAPFRE Economics anticipates recovery as early as this year following the 8.2% drop in total premium volume posted in 2020 MAPFRE Vida is the most solvent company among the major Spanish insurance companies, with a ratio of 483%   MAPFRE has the greatest international presence [...]

MAPFRE and Monex join forces to insure Mexicans’ equity

2021-07-01T09:36:23+00:001 July 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

Creating a Life Insurance Investment that protects equity called "Previsión Óptima Monex," which takes full advantage of the tax benefits that encourage and reward savings. The investment is made in Monex's best portfolios, backed by the support and popularity that characterize this financial institution.   MAPFRE has partnered with Monex to offer Mexicans a life insurance [...]

MAPFRE remains the sixth-largest European Non-Life insurance company in Europe

2021-07-26T08:39:59+00:0030 June 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

The company is one of ten major European groups that managed to improve their solvency ratios despite the pandemic The premium volume of the insurance business in Europe fell by 4.9% in 2020   According to the latest edition of the annual ranking created by MAPFRE Economics, MAPFRE is among the 15 leading European insurance companies. [...]

MAPFRE RE partners with KOVRR to manage cyber risk line of business

2021-06-21T07:40:00+00:0021 June 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE RE, the reinsurance unit of MAPFRE Group, a global insurance and reinsurance provider, today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with Kovrr, the cyber risk modeling company, to support a wide range of use cases, expanding their skills for assessing accumulated cyber risk exposure together with underwriting and pricing capabilities. “We are excited [...]

MAPFRE’s Solvency II ratio stands at 201 percent at the close of the first quarter of the year

2021-06-16T15:08:21+00:0016 June 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

It improves eight points and reaches over 200 percent, the midpoint of the reference framework and twice the capital required by the regulator MAPFRE has informed the General Directorate for Insurance and Pension Funds of an update of the calculation of its Solvency II position as on March 31, 2021. Following a request from the Spanish [...]

WOOM and MAPFRE unite to improve women’s well-being and reproductive health in Latin America

2021-06-15T13:07:52+00:0015 June 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

Their solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to support women throughout their reproductive life. Global insurance company MAPFRE and startup WOOM HEALTH join forces to improve women's well-being and reproductive health. This alliance with the femtech company, which uses AI and machine learning techniques backed by medical professionals, seeks to foster, on behalf of women, a greater [...]

Antonio Huertas highlights the opportunities presented to the insurance industry by changes resulting from the pandemic

2021-06-11T12:19:23+00:0011 June 2021|Categories: Corporate News|

The president of MAPFRE closes the 27th edition of the International Seminars event, which brought together more than 2,500 risk management professionals from over 25 countries. The changes brought about by the current pandemic pose huge challenges for the insurance industry, but these can become opportunities, for clients as well as the industry itself. These are [...]