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Insurance should mitigate risks to enable companies to carry on creating employment and value for society

2019-06-07T13:20:20+00:007 June 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

In the picture: Antonio Huertas, chairman and CEO of MAPFRE MAPFRE Global Risks rewards Riu Hotels & Resorts for its policies and culture in managing, preventing and protecting against risks. The chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, Antonio Huertas, closed the 26th International Conference of MAPFRE Global Risks, which bought together more than 400 risk managers from [...]


MAPFRE and SANTALUCÍA sign agreement to jointly develop their funeral business in Spain

2019-06-05T12:59:23+00:005 June 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

The alliance envisages the integration of ALBIA and FUNESPAÑA’s funeral businesses. The management team will be made up of professionals from both companies.   MAPFRE and SANTALUCÍA have formalized today a strategic alliance for the joint development of their respective funeral businesses in Spain. The result of this alliance will be a leading group in the [...]


Salamanca is the meeting point for more than 400 risk managers from around the world

2019-06-03T14:18:52+00:003 June 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

Blockchain, drones and the management of major infrastructure on the agenda at the XXVI MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS international seminarsSalamanca will host the twenty-sixth edition of the MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS International Seminars, which will place the city at the center of the international insurance industry from June 5–7 and bring together more than 400 risk managers and [...]


MAPFRE and GLL real estate mutual fund invests 50 million euros in two prime office buildings in Paris and Hamburg

2019-05-24T07:41:44+00:0024 May 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

The real estate co-investment vehicle set up by MAPFRE and GLL in 2018 to invest in prime office space in some of the key European markets has now successfully completed its first two operations. The real estate fund has invested a total of 50 million euros in two buildings located in the cities of Paris and [...]


Developed economies face decades of reduced consumption due to population aging

2019-05-24T06:24:55+00:0024 May 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

Spain is one of the countries in which the dependency ratio, i.e. the number of people of working age per retired person, will be below 1.5 in 40 years (versus 3 today). The demographic transition will place additional pressure on public accounts in relation to maintaining adequate healthcare coverage. These are among the conclusions of the [...]


Nadal celebrates the tenth anniversary of his partnership with MAPFRE with an insur_space interview open to the whole world

2019-05-08T08:53:31+00:008 May 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

Rafa Nadal, located in the centre, was accompanied by sports journalist Manu Carreño (left) and MAPFRE vice-president Ignacio Baeza (right in the photograph). Transformation and leadership were the themes of the interview broadcast to the whole world via Twitter from the MAPFRE innovation center. On May 3rd, Rafa Nadal held an informal interview with employees and [...]


MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS creates an international risk management award to be presented in Salamanca in June

2019-05-07T08:59:22+00:007 May 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS announced today the creation of the International Risk Management Award. This accolade, which will be awarded on a biennial basis, will be awarded to the customer who has done the best job in this field over the last two years. Among the most significant factors that will be assessed for the awarding of [...]



2019-04-30T08:48:56+00:0030 April 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

The Board of Directors has ratified the payment of a final dividend against the results for fiscal year 2018 of 0.085 euros gross per share on June 25 next, giving a total dividend charged against the 2018 results of 0.145 euros per share. https://noticias.mapfre.com/en/dividend-2018/


MAPFRE sees 5.8 percent increase in first quarter revenues and improves profitability in its principal markets

2019-04-30T08:48:34+00:0030 April 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

KEY POINTS FOR THE FIRST QUARTER Premiums rise 3.3 percent to 6.4 billion euros, with earnings up by 0.6 percent to 188 million euros. The combined ratio improves six-tenths of a percent to 95.9 percent. In Spain, premiums are up by 7.9 percent, beating the market by a factor of seven, with MAPFRE being the [...]


Tesla Model S Crash Test

2019-06-17T10:15:57+00:0017 April 2019|Categories: Corporate News|

CESVIMAP, always eager to find out about the latest technologies, has acquired the Tesla Model S 75d in order to analyse it and conduct research on it. The work it has carried out in different stages includes crash tests, and analysis of bodywork and of electrical parts. The front and rear crash tests have been conducted [...]