CESVIMAP gives training to vehicle after-sales professionals in the replacement and calibration of vehicle glazing with ADAS.

The installation of the ADAS system in vehicle windscreens means repair shops have to have knowledge of these devices and to know how to replace them. The objective is that these pieces of equipment are restored to their optimal state of working repair with guarantees of driving comfort and safety, and that they are not affected by the operations on the windscreen. For this, they must be calibrated, using specific tools.

The windscreen was incorporated into vehicles to offer greater comfort and safety to those travelling in them. It has undergone, and continues to undergo, transformations to come into line with structural, aesthetic, safety and manufacturing needs. It has also adjusted to the new materials which have appeared on the market, as well as to the technologies which, with ever greater frequency, are installed as an aid to driving. All these transformations directly affect repair shops, which have to adapt to the change. It is not just a matter of acquiring the equipment needed to carry out repairs, but also of knowing how to do these repairs and to calibrate the sensors and cameras.

The training given by CESVIMAP has been exceptionally well received. The professionals received both theory on ADAS and practical training, during which they performed windscreen replacements and subsequently conducted calibrations of cameras and radars.

CESVIMAP complements this course with a demonstration of how the AEB system works.