In 2018, CESVIMAP will host the annual meeting of RCAR (Research Council for Automobile Repairs), an association that brings together 24 research centers from 19 countries

CESVIMAP, centro anfitrión de RCAR en 2018

CESVIMAP, which joined the Research Council for Automobile Repairs in 1985, has hosted the meeting twice before: the year after it joined, in 1986, and then again in 1999, a meeting that took place in Madrid.

In 2018, CESVIMAP will preside for the third time over this worldwide meeting, which is held yearly with the member organizations. What all these centers have in common is that they have been formed by the world’s largest automobile insurers, which together insure more than two thirds of the world’s cars. This international organization researches vehicles from the standpoint of insurable risks. At the annual meetings, RCAR’s member organizations share research projects and establish shared positions with respect to matters of general interest to everyone, such as repair guidelines, whiplash studies, crash testing, bumper testing, etc.

The 2015 meeting will be hosted by Thatcham (United Kingdom), the 2016 host will be Kidi Kart (Korea), and in 2017 Cesvi Argentina (Argentina), after which the baton will be passed to CESVIMAP (Spain) in 2018.  An internal committee will be formed to organize the technical presentations as well as to handle the logistics and auxiliary services required by the organization. These meeting tend to bring together about a hundred people.