Dividend returns to pre-pandemic levels

MAPFRE shareholders today receive the interim dividend corresponding to results for the 2021 financial year: 6 cents per share. The dividend, always paid out in cash, has returned to the same level as before the pandemic. Furthermore, the payment of this year’s interim dividend has been brought forward by one month.

Combined with the final dividend corresponding to the 2020 fiscal year results, which was paid out in June, in the amount of 231 million euros, this dividend brings the total amount paid out by MAPFRE in dividends to shareholders in 2021 to 416 million euros.

MAPFRE’s dividend yield is one of the highest on the Ibex 35, standing at more than 7.7 percent, thus occupying second position in the ranking of expected dividend yields for 2021.

In addition to this return, MAPFRE shares have gained more than 14 percent in value so far this year, a rise that is more than triple that registered by the Ibex 35 overall, and also higher than that of Stoxx Insurance – which includes the main European listed insurers – which stands at around 9 percent. This solid performance in the stock market has been accompanied by positive recommendations from a number of analysts and brokers.

It is worth noting that since 2016, MAPFRE has allocated more than 2.5 billion euros in remuneration to its shareholders, manifestly maintaining its commitment to shareholders in a very adverse economic context, and always paying in cash, which has become something of a MAPFRE hallmark.