The MAPFRE Annual General Meeting has approved a total dividend distribution of EUR 0.145 gross per share, thus maintaining the pre-pandemic levels recovered during the previous fiscal year. In doing so, MAPFRE will allocate a total of EUR 447 million to its shareholders.

Part of this dividend, amounting to EUR 0.06 gross per share, was already paid on 30 November, while the remainder up to the agreed total (EUR 0.085 gross per share) will be paid on a date between 15 and 31 May 2023, as determined by the Board of Directors.

As a result, the payout reaches 69.5%, and in the calendar year 2022, the return on average share price was 8.3%.

MAPFRE’s shareholder remuneration remains one of the highest in the Spanish stock market and is always in cash.

In the last 5 fiscal years, MAFPRE has paid out more than EUR 2.1 billion in dividends to its shareholders.