• In the latest update of its report, Panorama indicates that the activity’s global dynamism could well increase the world GDP by about 3.5 percent for the year overall.

• There is accelerating growth in emerging markets, with an average exceeding 4.5 percent. 

In the latest update of the Panorama Economic and Sector report for 2017: Forecasts for the fourth quarter, Economic Research improved the data for global growth, with expectations for global growth of around 3.5 percent in 2017, noticeably higher than that expected at the beginning of the year.

Improved economic rhythm is expected in aspects including acceleration and growing cyclical synchrony in developed markets, acceleration of growth in emerging markets and greater resilience for the activity in Mexico, Turkey and China. The forecast for inflation is low, while with regard to monetary policy, the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank (ECB) confirm that decisions will be taken gradually.

At a global level the report points toward risks deriving from the performance of USA economic policies, vulnerability in emerging markets associated with the levering of corporate private bonds, and in some cases in Dollars, and the dangerous geopolitical outlook in North Korea.

Lastly, it addresses the improved outlook for insurance markets, linked to the positive impact of expected global growth, the positive outlook for activity and employment in the USA and other aspects like the rise in the GDP forecasts in the Euro Area.

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