Antonio Huertas puts his name to an opinion piece for AIRMIC (Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce), focused on corporate social responsibility.

In the publication, the Chairman and CEO of MAPFRE suggests that corporate social responsibility could be considered the “conscience” of a company seeking to maximize its profits ethically and legally. But beyond that, embracing CSR as a key element of the business approach could serve as a basis for helping the company in its efforts to seek constant improvement.

In his opinion, MAPFRE has proven that by establishing this responsibility from the very first contact with different companies, has helped not only to better understand the risks but to increase, categorize, measure and insure those that are more complex, as is the case typically with those of international clients in the global risks sector.

According to the executive, the way in which the company has made profits has a great deal to do with leadership capacity. By having competent leaders who ensure the identification of a relevant risk and the necessary course of action, the risk of impact is greatly reduced.

Today it can be said that Corporate Social Responsibility has evolved from a mere requirement for companies to a source of multiple business opportunities.

In relation to MAPFRE’s commitment, its Chairman explains “we aren’t just another company. We are MAPFRE. In addition to being profitable, we want our social footprint to be a positive one, and to improve the societies in which we operate.”

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