Some of the strengths and challenges that the CEO  of Verti Italy, Enrique Flores-Calderón, covers in this video interview include: the experience of the professionals working for the company in Italy for 17 years, and who are now “driving” VERTI in Italy to become a leading player in this market; the Group’s clear support, which will enable much of MAPFRE’s knowhow around the world to be imported; and the focus on profitable growth.

Enrique Flores-Calderón also sets out the configuration of the Italian insurance market, where the direct business still has a long way to go. “Growth is one of the top challenges”, he stresses.

Talent, “a scare resource that must be protected”, and commitment, which will unite 600 employees in the drive to achieve profitable growth, will transform the company into an invincible organization, he says.

A key part of MAPFRE’s digital strategy, Verti Italy has been operating in Italy for a year, and continues to grow in Spain, the United States, and Germany.