The insurance company celebrates its 15th year in this international index

In 2021, MAPFRE has again been included in the FTSE (Financial Times and Stock Exchange) 4Good sustainability index, and the company scored 0.7 points higher than the average of all companies in the insurance industry.

The company is making gains in both the Corporate Governance and Social categories; in 2020 it scored 4.4 points (0.3 up on the year before) and 3.7 points (compared to 3.3 in 2019) respectively.

For the fifteenth consecutive year, MAPFRE has once again been included on one of the leading international barometers for measuring companies’ sustainability performance, and which recognizes the company’s excellence in relation to environmental, social and corporate governance practices.

Companies included in this index, designed by the FTSE Russell group, meet very demanding, fully transparent and public criteria relating to best sustainability practices, in areas such as environmental sustainability—in particular the fight against climate change—good stakeholder relationships, and the support of and respect for universal human rights.

The index is aimed at investors around the world who seek not only to ensure profitability, but also to ensure that the companies they invest in are trustworthy. It also takes governance aspects into account such as risk management and fiscal transparency.


A strategy with over 30 goals

For more than 86 years, MAPFRE has been firmly committed to people and the planet and has been contributing to the development of the social and corporate structures in countries where it operates, beyond business excellence and profitability.


The Group is currently coming to the end of its Sustainability Plan 2019–2021, a transversal road map for the whole Group with more than 30 goals and specific lines of action to make progress in its commitments in the environmental, social and governance areas, i.e. in very important issues such as the fight against climate change, the circular economy, equality and inclusion, transparency, financial education, socially responsible investments, and the 2030 Agenda, to name a few.


Other indices

MAPFRE has once again this year been named a world-leading company in terms of sustainability, making it into the Sustainability Yearbook 2021 after being included in the 2020 edition. Since 2018 it has featured in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, one of the leading international barometers for measuring companies’ sustainability performance.


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