The activity will be held as part of the fourth global road safety week

Fundación MAPFRE is joining the #SlowDown campaign to celebrate the Fourth Global Road Safety Week promoted by the United Nations and coordinated by the World Health Organization.
The focus of this year’s initiative, which will be held from 8 to 14 May, is managing speed as one of the means of reducing road traffic deaths and injuries.
Fundación MAPFRE has rolled out the campaign among MAPFRE employees worldwide. In total, 24 countries have participated by taking more than 1,000 photographs of employees who have launched messages about the importance of reducing speed and how they contribute themselves.
A video showing a selection of the images has also been made and will be released today, May 8, on social media and the website
The aim of this initiative is to raise public awareness about the importance of reducing speed to prevent traffic accidents, which claim 1.3 million lives worldwide every year and leave another 50 million people with injuries or disability.