The decisión reflects the drive to implement the digital transformation of MAPFRE

MAPFRE has chosen IBM (IBM:NYSE) to manage and operate the technological infrastructures at its data processing center in Spain. The decision to appoint a specialized technology partner has been made in the context of the MAPFRE Infrastructures Master Plan and represents a step forward in the transition to a technology-managed service model while delivering economies of scale and efficient knowledge management and reinforcing innovation. All of this will be achieved with the highest levels of quality, security standards and optimum costs for the infrastructure services, and MAPFRE will retain control over strategic technological decisions at all times.

In addition to concentrating providers at the data processing center in Spain, the agreement provides for the integration of approximately 60 MAPFRE TECH employees into the IT company as from next July, allowing them to access the technology company’s career model.

One of the world’s leading IT companies, IBM has a significant presence in Spain and extensive experience in the management of these types of technological services.