CESVIMAP also participated and shared its innovative research

MAPFRE was one of the major participants at the Insurance Telematics Conference 2015, held recently in London. Among the 200 invitees were automobile manufacturers, insurance companies, telematics service providers, consultants, and equipment manufacturers from the world’s most innovative companies. During the conference, solutions were submitted and discussed in connection with equipment that collects vehicle data, the use of such data and their application in the insurance business.

MAPFRE’s Corporate Director of Innovation, Josep Celaya, discussed future scenarios with manufacturers that develop telematics for the industry. In addition, there was an opportunity to share MAPFRE’s vision of the use of data to reduce accidents in collaboration with manufacturers and providers of technical solutions.

Ignacio Juárez, Manager of MAPFRE’s Experimentation and Road Safety Center (CESVIMAP), participated in a round table discussion with other companies. As part of his comments, he discussed the sorts of information provided by equipment that is already build into vehicles and by other equipment that can be retrofitted at the initiative of the vehicle owner or the insurance company. Taken together, these data can provide useful information for underwriting, roadside assistance, claim resolution, marketing strategies, etc.

Meanwhile, Rubén Aparicio-Mourelo, Deputy Manager of CESVIMAP, discussed the kinds of devices that can be used in connection with pay-per-use policies and what sensors are involved, and also explained the necessity for insurance companies to link risks with costs per claim.