In the picture: Antonio Huertas, chairman and CEO of MAPFRE

MAPFRE Global Risks rewards Riu Hotels & Resorts for its policies and culture in managing, preventing and protecting against risks.

The chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, Antonio Huertas, closed the 26th International Conference of MAPFRE Global Risks, which bought together more than 400 risk managers from around the world.

Technology is changing the way companies interact with their clients, and issues such as cybersecurity are now present in any firm and even more so in the major corporations. The giant leaps forward taken by this new reality also forces the insurance industry to not only adapt to such changes, but also to anticipate and make use of the opportunities they represent so as to offer an excellent value proposition. “The speed of change cannot act as a brake on economic and social development. Insurance has to mitigate any kind of risk that might be generated to enable companies to carry on creating employment and value for society”, declared Antonio Huertas, the chairman and CEO of MAPFRE, in the closing session of the 27th International Conference of MAPFRE Global Risks, held in Salamanca.

MAPFRE’s pledge is to always be at the forefront where client needs are concerned: with personalized insurance responses for each client, regardless of their activity, that can help them to manage a world of constant changes in which we operate”, stated Antonio Huertas, who insisted on the innovative nature of insurance, which has been inherent to this sector for decades. “We are an industry that constantly reinvents itself to offer innovative solutions that adapt to new market needs. Innovation is an intrinsic part of insurance, especially in companies like MAPFRE. It’s a concept that runs in the company’s veins. In fact, in the new strategic plan, whose slogan is ‘We’re transforming for growth and improved profitability’, innovation helps us to be a more streamlined, advanced and efficient company, keeping the focus on the two main driving forces of our activity: the client and business returns”, he said.

In the conference, which brings together 400 risk managers from 25 different countries, Antonio Huertas highlighted the professionalism of the global risk unit teams in offering the best service and best value propositions for their clients.

The first International Award for Excellence in Risk Management was also presented at the conference, which was given to Riu Hotels & Resorts for their policies and culture of management, prevention and protection against risks. The aim is for this award to become a benchmark in the major risk insurance industry.

The 26th International Conference of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS was held from the 5th to the 7th of June in Salamanca, and a range of topical issues were discussed such as blockchain, the use of drones in different industries, how to manage risk when constructing major infrastructures such as a metro line, and insurance trends in different markets.

Bosco Francoy, CEO of MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS, opened the conferences, describing the main challenges and opportunities the insurance industry shall face in the coming years. Over 400 major risk managers were also present to share their experiences on the issue and other matters that not only directly affect the insurance industry but also have a direct impact on society and companies.

The mayor of Salamanca, Carlos García Carbayo, along with the chairman of MAPFRE, closed the event, which had made Salamanca the international capital of insurance for three days.