The company rolls out its first intrapreneurship program for employees. This program, called innova, is part of MAPFRE’s Open Innovation (MOi) initiative.

MAPFRE has launched innova, the company’s new intrapreneurship program, offering its first round of workshops for employees in three countries: Spain, the United States, and Peru. Participants proposed ideas in response to three business challenges:

  • Young people and savings
  • Automobile accidents
  • Small- and medium-sized businesses

More than 1,000 employees attended 32 creativity workshops held in different cities throughout Spain, Peru, and the United States, where they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with methodologies for client-focused innovation.

A total of 732 creative minds, who had been given the internal label of “geniuses,” presented 443 ideas in the three countries, out of which a total of 9 were selected to receive further impulsion at local bootcamps.

More than 50 bootcamp participants converted their ideas into projects using the Design Sprint methodology, which helped the finalist teams to speed up the process for developing their value proposition, designing a business model, and building a prototype that is validated by potential clients.

Currently the teams are finalizing the last details, evolving their prototypes, and preparing their pitches for presentation in front of a panel of judges, who will decide which ones MAPFRE should invest in. The February finals will soon be here.

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