Not only do many of MAPFRE AM’s investments have the most reputable sustainable finance labels, but so do the entire team that manages them. In particular, MAPFRE’s asset management professionals, including the executive team, have received the prestigious international EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA) certification from the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies, which assesses the set of skills needed to achieve an efficient rating, measurement and integration of ESG criteria into investment analysis.

ESG refers to environmental, social and governance criteria and, to obtain this certification, managers and other investment professionals must pass a rigorous examination. MAPFRE AM currently has three thematic funds that make investments with these criteria: MAPFRE AM Good Governance, MAPFRE Capital Responsable and MAPFRE AM Inclusion Responsable. The latter two, co-managed with the French asset manager La Financière Responsable, have received the prestigious European SRI Label, granted by the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance, making MAPFRE the only Spanish manager to achieve it. But, moreover, MAPFRE is in the process of applying these criteria to the entire balance sheet (currently at around 70 billion); that is, to all assets, both liquid and illiquid.

This certification recognizes that MAPFRE AM professionals, led by Álvaro Anguita as Managing Director, are already familiar with the various ESG assessment methods, and are now working to transfer this knowledge to professionals across the rest of the world. They are also familiar with the various sources of ESG data and tools (MAPFRE AM also has its own methodology); the challenges, issues and problems of integrating ESG criteria into investment decisions; the opportunities and limits of measuring ESG criteria; the portfolio ESG quality analysis; and the impacts of ESG criteria on the risk-return tradeoff.