MAPFRE and Satellite Insurance: The Spanish observation satellite called Paz was successfully launched  from the Vandenberg airbase in California on board a Falcon 9 rocket.

Paz will orbit the planet 15 times every 24 hours, taking up to 100 images every day thanks to its radar system. This information will be used for strategic missions run by the Ministry of Defense, as well as for other scientific or commercial purposes.

Being a company with extensive experience in providing insurance coverage for these types of devices through its specialized global risks unit (GLOBAL RISKS), MAPFRE has actively participated in the insurance program for the launching and life in orbit of the Paz satellite.

Here, the MAPFRE Global Risks Transport and Aviation Director, Paola Serrano, discusses the trends and opportunities offered by this sector to major insurance firms such as MAPFRE, which has presence in all five continents and is the largest Spanish insurer worldwide.

Watch this video to learn more about MAPFRE’s role as one of fewer than 40 companies in the world to offer these services and drive innovation amid the huge challenges posed by space operations.

You can watch a deferred recording of Paz’s launching here.

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