MAPFRE ASISTENCIA Italy will take part in 14 of the 20 days of the second “La Mille e 118 miglia del Soccorso”, the event focused on road safety that will travel through several cities in Italy with the aim of raising awareness among society regarding the need to prevent all types of road traffic accidents and to reduce the death and injury rates.

The opening ceremony of these days took place on 24 September in the city of Bologna, with the participation of Gian Paolo Aliani Soderi, the general manager of the MAPFRE ASISTENCIA Unit in this country. “We would like to thank all the organisers for asking us to take part. We have worked hard to give this project maximum visibility, with the aim of disseminating the principles of solidity and social vocation that define the MAPFRE Group”.

MAPFRE ASISTENCIA Italy will have its own stand located in the main cities where visitors can request information


La mille e 118 miglia del soccorso


The main attraction will be a lorry with a simulator inside on-site. Visitors will be able to participate in practical exercises using special glasses that realistically simulate certain perceptive aspects of driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, resulting in a significant emotional impact on those participating in the exercise, and also on those observing.

In Italy, MAPFRE ASISTENCIA operates the brand MAPFRE ASSISTANCE. Its central office located in Verrone (Biella) since 2003 and it has around 250 employees. There is a Contact Center that provides cover 24 hours a day 365 days a year, with specialised multilingual operators.

It offers global assistance services: vehicle assistance, medical assistance, assistance to people and roadside assistance. It is the strategic partner of large Italian groups in the insurance industry, large automobile companies, important short- and long-term vehicle hire companies, as well as thousands of car showrooms and car sellers.