The aging of the population is leading public and private institutions to consider and seek out new solutions to make life easier for the elderly and their families and caregivers. Vive Fácil, a pilot project developed by Aerial and MAPFRE, within its MAPFRE Open Innovation (MOi) platform, to provide answers to these needs, received a silver award yesterday at the EFMA-Accenture innovation awards.

It is a solution aimed at seniors and their families that is based on non-intrusive environmental technology. It employs artificial intelligence that infers human movement through the distortion of Wi-Fi signals, thus allowing for efficient tracking of seniors’ movements and routines in their homes without invading their privacy.

MAPFRE received the Silver award in the category Reimagining the customer experience. Rafael Suárez, manager of Non-Life business development at MAPFRE España, thanked the organizers and the other candidates for their participation and for organizing these awards, which recognize companies’ efforts to offer technological solutions that help improve people’s daily lives.

He also thanked all the teams that have worked at MAPFRE for taking the pilot project off the ground, with the aim of studying the possibilities offered by technology to assist people in their homes. Vive Fácil combines MAPFRE’s commitment to senior citizens and innovation.

This is not the first time we have received an award at this ceremony. The Verti Driver app won the silver award in the 2019 edition as one of the best solutions in the Connected Insurance and Ecosystems category.

Vive Fácil uses ambient and intuitive, non-intrusive technology aimed at enhancing the well-being of elderly people and their family or caregivers in the place they feel most secure: in their home. The technology of the Canadian startup Aerial makes it possible to recognize the activity of an elderly person with no need for cameras, sensors or wearables. In other words, thanks to AI-based environmental technology, human movement is inferred through the distortion of Wi-Fi signals. It allows for elderly peoples’ movements and routines in their homes to be efficiently tracked without invading their privacy.


MAPFRE is a global insurance company. It is the benchmark insurer in the Spanish market and the largest Spanish multinational insurance group in the world. The number one Non-Life insurance group in Latin America and the sixth in Europe by Non-Life premium volume.

MAPFRE Open Innovation (MOi) is the company’s strategic commitment to promoting customer-focused transformation and creating a positive impact on our business and on society. Since its creation, more than 1.6 million customers have benefited from solutions originating from this model.


About Aerial

Aerial Technologies, founded in 2015 with the support of industry leaders, is a pioneer in the field of Wi-Fi motion detection. Aerial’s patented AI-based technology is a multi-award winning technology that analyzes wireless infrastructure to infer human activities and enables customers and partners to develop practical applications that improve everyday life. Its headquarters are in Montreal, the world center for artificial intelligence. In addition, it has offices in the US and Europe.