• The company has restructured the Group’s profiles on the main social media sites.
  • The Facebook profile has nearly 1.5 million followers.

MAPFRE recently conducted a process to reorganize the Group’s global presence on social media sites, aimed at achieving greater visibility in this channel and enhancing operational efficiency. After the restructuring, MAPFRE has managed to position itself among the world’s top ten insurance companies in terms of Facebook community size, with nearly 1.5 million followers according to the metrics tool Social Bakers.

For its Facebook presence, MAPFRE has opted for a global but locally managed profile to the ensure its presence in every country, even those where it is not currently operating.

For the other social media sites (Twitter, YouTube, Instagram), the new structure includes local profiles dedicated to business development and global profiles aimed primarily at corporate communication.

As a reflection of the company’s determination to innovate and introduce new communication channels that foster greater proximity to society, MAPFRE made a novel departure by presenting its annual results via Twitter’s Periscope and used this system to broadcast the Chairman and CEO’s speech at the Annual General Meeting of March 11, reaching 400 live connections. In fact, Twitter confirms that they have no record of any finance company before MAPFRE using this system in Spain to present its results.

On Linkedin, the structure adopted by MAPFRE focuses on a single global page for the moment which will gradually incorporate all the other pages around the world.

In order to conduct this reorganization process, the different MAPFRE areas involved in managing social media sites took part in a cross-cutting project that led to a model which fosters coordinated action but allows the areas a certain degree of autonomy, and which will make it easier to achieve the different objectives that MAPFRE is pursuing in these channels: business, communication, customer loyalty, talent attraction, etc.