As part of the company’s commitment to the issues that most concern its stakeholders, the report is in line with its business strategy and is based on the company’s ethical and sustainable conduct.

MAPFRE BRAZIL has just published the latest edition of its Sustainability Report, in which it examines the sustainability initiatives run during 2016. The report allows the company to improve its conduct in the country, based on engagement with society, corporate governance and respect for legislation.

The eleventh edition of this report, prepared under GRE (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines, covers all actions taken by all units of MAPFRE BRAZIL (Investimentos, Consórcios, Capitalização, Previdência e Vida Resgatável, Saúde, Seguros -via BB MAPFRE-, Asistencia and CESVI Brasil). Meanwhile, Fundación MAPFRE, a non-profit entity, also helps to generate social benefits by promoting and running activities for the general interest in the country.

The financial section shows that the company generated 18.5 percent of total MAPFRE premiums and 15.6 percent of results. “Last year was very challenging, but nevertheless we managed to ensure that Brazil remains the group’s main operation outside of Spain, posting very positive results. We made further improvements to our working approach, generating benefits for all stakeholders, with whom we maintain a responsible and economically sustainable relationship”, says Wilson Toneto, CEO of MAPFRE in Brazil.

Last year was also shaped by Brazil’s active involvement in the MAPFRE Sustainability Plan, a commitment now fully incorporated within the company’s daily operations and business strategy.

You can read the 2016 Sustainability Report, which was audited by KPMG, here (in its original language).