Both companies met at the Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 conference held in the United Kingdom

MAPFRE and CESVIMAP analyze in London the impact of the autonomous vehicle on the insurance industryMAPFRE and the company’s Road Safety and Experimentation Center (CESVIMAP) met at the Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 conference, held on March 17 in London, to analyze the impact of the use of technology in autonomous vehicles. Both companies shared their conclusions on the implications and importance this technology will have for both insurance companies, as well as for vehicle and component manufacturers.

Sergio Gómez Recio, Deputy General Manager of the MAPFRE Corporate Innovation Division, explained the various third-party liability implications for the drivers and manufacturers of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles. Moreover, he analyzed how advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) could affect the insurance industry in another talk in this cycle. Finally, on a discussion panel he also spoke about data property, an issue about which manufacturers, new operators and clients have a lot to say.

Meanwhile, Rubén Aparicio-Mourelo, Deputy Manager of CESVIMAP presented research on the effectiveness of alert systems for involuntary lane invasion.

Advanced driver assistance systems such as collision control or autonomous emergency braking (AEB) are designed to avoid collisions and substantially minimize highway risks. Accordingly, the effectiveness and scope of the semi-autonomous technologies that provide driving assistance need to be understood in order to assess their effect on the number and frequency of claims.

These are just some of the issues tackled at the Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 conference, in addition to others concerning accident liability (the driver, the vehicle manufacturer or the autonomous system manufacturer?). Furthermore, issues such as legislative restrictions that affect driver assistance systems were raised, as well as how the data exchange will be affected.

Driverless Technologies Insurance 2016 is the first conference of its type organized by insurance companies that focuses on understanding the impact of autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles on the business model of automobile insurance companies.