The company is reevaluating its expectations of fulfilling its ROE and Combined Ratio objectives

The impact of the recent natural disasters in North America and the Caribbean, due to their exceptional size and frequency, will imply a net cost of between 150 and 200 million euros for MAPFRE’s attributable result for the year, according to preliminary estimates carried out by the company.

To obtain these cost estimates, the company assessed the affected areas’ impacts on MAPFRE RE’s and MAPFRE GLOBAL RISKS’s accepted reinsurance risk portfolio, as well as MAPFRE’s insurance business in the U.S.A., Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico.

This extraordinary increase in expenses makes it necessary for MAPFRE to reevaluate its expectations of fulfilling its public objectives for the 2016-2018 period, specifically the 11 percent average ROE and the 96 percent average Combined Ratio announced in March 2016.

Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria, earthquakes in Chiapas and Puebla in Mexico

MAPFRE’s risk management policy considers the occurrence of events of even greater intensity than those recorded these past weeks, as well as their concurrence in the same year. MAPFRE has adequate protection in place to cover the claims that may arise from these events.

Further, MAPFRE maintains additional protection in force for catastrophic events for the remainder of 2017. Our catastrophic risk protection model assumes that, if exceptional new events occurred during the remainder of the year, they would have a minor additional impact.