MAPFRE Sigorta has designed a new virtual office, in which clients can enjoy the same experience as that in any MAPFRE office. 

In addition, MAPFRE Go is on the social media. Anyone with a Facebook account can access the new office with their Facebook login credentials. In addition, new additional functions will be added this year to allow clients to gather any information they need online or to perform any transaction wherever they are and at any time.

MAPFRE GO new virtual office MAPFRE Go offers services to its insured clients, as well as relevant information for anyone that might request it, regardless of whether this person is a client of the company or not. It offers information of interest to learn more about the company, as well as details about its insurance products and solutions and about the network of distributors and professionals working for us in the country. Being a MAPFRE Go user also gives access to interesting promotions.

The portal was developed in collaboration with Monitise, one of the main digital service providers, which specializes in the finance sector. The technological framework of MAPFRE Go will be the perfect setting to launch an app for clients to enter the virtual office with the least amount of effort possible.

Turkish and English are spoken at MAPFRE Go, the corporate languages of MAPFRE Sigorta and the most popular languages in the international community, companies and people receiving the company’s services in Turkey.

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