MAPFRE is turning its corporate website and social network profiles pink tomorrow, October 19, to mark International Day Against Breast Cancer.

The color pink has become a symbol of the fight against breast cancer and is used to raise awareness. The company will also be releasing a video featuring employees whose lives have been touched by this disease, in which they recount their own experiences and how they coped.

These are not the only initiatives undertaken by MAPFRE to take part in the International Day Against Breast Cancer. The company will also be handing out pink ribbons at information points in numerous cities, which are being set up in collaboration with the AECC, the Spanish cancer prevention association.

Information and prevention campaign

MAPFRE employees will be organizing a global breast cancer information and prevention campaign, highlighting that although breast cancer is the most common cancer affecting women, men are prone to contracting it too. Early diagnosis is the key to effectively treating breast cancer and improving survival rates, which means that regular mammograms and self-examination are essential.

MAPFRE offers specialist preventive medicine and rehabilitation services related to the early diagnosis of breast conditions through its various health insurance programs.

The company also runs various awareness-raising initiatives through its Healthy Company model, aimed at improving the health and well-being of employees and their family members. Being aware of what breast cancer means and the importance of early diagnosis is not just a priority for October 19, International Day Against Breast Cancer, but for every day of the year.

You can see the trailer for this MAPFRE film here.