From left to right: José Vicente de los Mozos, EVP Manufacturing and Supply Chain of Groupe Renault; Ignacio Baeza, MAPFRE Vice Chairman; Thierry Bollore, Groupe Renault CEO; Antonio Huertas, MAPFRE Chairman and CEO; Jérôme Stoll, President of Renault Sport Racing; Bruno Kitzinger, CEO of  RCI Bank and Services, and José Manuel Corral, MAPFRE Group Chief Business and Clients Officer.

MAPFRE and Groupe Renault have met in Paris yesterday to review the progress made to date with their five-year sponsorship and business agreement, and, one year after its signing, the outcome is very satisfying for both parties.

As part of the agreement, MAPFRE became one of Renault F1 Team’s main official sponsors. It also opened the door to MAPFRE and Groupe Renault exploring solutions linked to the role of insurance in the future of the automotive industry.

MAPFRE is a global insurance company with a worldwide presence. It is the benchmark insurer in the Spanish market and the largest Spanish multinational insurance group in the world. The company is the third largest insurance group in Latin America and is among the Top 10 in Europe by premium volume. MAPFRE employs more than 35,000 professionals and in 2018, the company’s revenues totaled almost 27 billion euros, with net earnings of 529 million euros.

RENAULT SPORT RACING: For more than 115 years, motorsport has constituted an integral element of Renault’s DNA. In Formula One, Renault has started more than 600 races and clinched 11 Drivers’ titles, 12 Constructors’ crowns and no fewer than 177 grand prix victories.

In 2016, spurred on by this illustrious track record and eager to reaffirm its commitment to the sport, Renault launched an all-new entity encompassing all of the brand’s motorsport activities – Renault Sport Racing – and another to manage the development and sale of the Renault Sport Cars portfolio. The key objectives were to promote the company’s passion for motorsport to a wider audience while maximizing the technological synergies between its racing and rally and its road-going sports models. As of February 2016, Renault Sport Racing controls and co-ordinates all of Renault’s motorsport activities, from Formula One and Formula E, to the Renault Sport Series. Now under the same overall management to cover the staff and facilities at the company’s two key sites at Viry Châtillon in France and Enstone in the UK, Renault Sport Racing firmly reinforces Renault’s commitment to the motorsport.