Pioneered by TIREA, it is the first operational blockchain network for Coinsurance management.

This award, which recognizes CYGNUS as the best disruptive technology deployment project, was presented as part of the 20th anniversary celebration of the technology consultancy IDC Spain.

The CYGNUS blockchain platform is the brainchild of TIREA, supported by Grant Thornton, and by big industry players such as Caser and Generali, and it responds their desire to improve the process the exchange of coinsurance information between entities and to explore the benefits derived from the use of this new technology.

In the future, this platform will also be able to provide greater detail on the risks to which companies are exposed, thereby optimizing the capital that had to be frozen due to SOLVENCY II, improving competitiveness and the service that the companies mainly offer to companies and brokers.

In addition to recognizing the most innovative technology projects of 2020, the event focused, through various presentations, on the dramatic acceleration of innovation and operations that will be driven by hyperconnected models, among other topics.