MAPFRE has put its faith in its strategy for innovation by launching MAPFRE Open Innovation, MOI, which brings together strategic innovation and disruptive innovation. This new space for active collaboration enables the development of new ideas, concepts and products, and will develop pilot schemes and tests, under the tutelage of MAPFRE experts, with access to real data from our international markets The programme reflects MAPFRE’s commitment to the development of disruptive solutions which will generate a positive impact on our business and on society.

CESVIMAP, worldwide one of the most prestigious centres when it comes to research into vehicle damage repair, has joined MOI as MAPFRE’s R+D centre. It is a point of reference worldwide in research into repair methodologies for vehicle damage arising from road accidents, and represents an opportunity to stand out with regard to the insurance business and the services associated with the automobile, along with people mobility, while at the same time furthering the training of professionals.

Insur_space, also present at MAPFRE Open Innovation, is a platform which connects internal capacities with those of insurtech and other start-ups. All the markets where MAPFRE has presence have an Office for Innovation, there are agreements with universities and business schools in place, and it is working with over 20 start-ups.

A new business model based on innovation!