· Since 2004, MAPFRE has been a member of the Global Compact Spanish Network, which aims to promote and disseminate the Ten Principles of the Global Compact and the 2030 Agenda.

· Joining the Executive Committee is an important step toward taking part in the management of the most important local network in business sustainability in the world.

· Clara Bazán, Group Head of Sustainability at MAPFRE, will serve on the Board of Directors as secretary.

Today, MAPFRE joined the Board of Directors of the Executive Committee of the Global Compact Spanish Network with a view to taking part in the management and representation of this UN initiative in Spain. The Global Compact Spanish Network aims to actively promote and disseminate the Ten Principles of the Global Compact and the 2030 Agenda and to ensure that they are incorporated into the strategies of Spanish companies.

The company assumed the role of secretary of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Network at the sixteenth General Assembly, held this morning in Madrid; thereby joining the largest and one of the best performing UN Global Compact networks in the world, with more than 1,600 entities signed up in Spain, including companies, NGOs, unions, academic institutions and social organizations.

Together with 12 new companies, MAPFRE joins an Executive Committee made up of 21 members and composed of a Board of Directors on which Clara Bazán, MAPFRE’s Group Head of Sustainability, will serve. Clara Arpa from ARPA EMC will serve as chair, Víctor Viñuales from Ecodes will serve as vice chair, Ángel Fraile from Endesa will serve as treasurer, and companies such as Accenture, Adecco, Grupo Antolín and Grupo Iberostar will serve as members.

Equality and social investment

As a member of the Global Compact Spanish Network, and as part of its commitment to sustainability, MAPFRE has actively taken part in all the initiatives proposed by the organization since 2004. Among the most recent initiatives is the Target Gender Equality program of the United Nations Global Compact for sustainable development, aimed at achieving the Goal of Gender Equality for the

period 2020–2021, specifically promoting female leadership in the field of business and economics. MAPFRE also forms part of the global network of signatories to the Principles for Responsible Investment — an initiative taken in collaboration with the UN Global Compact that aims to understand the impact that environmental, social and governmental issues have on investments.

Both lines of work form part of the MAPFRE Sustainability Plan 2019–2021, which aims to position MAPFRE as a benchmark for transparency, sustainability and trust, so that clients, employees and society in general identify it as a company committed to sustainable development, and so that shareholders and investors can share their vision of medium- and long-term value creation.