Just like healthcare, MAPFRE is undergoing a transformation. Health 4.0 is a new environment, and the evolution toward digital healthcare is changing the rules of the game. In this environment, users take control of their health. Just like elsewhere in our digital and connected world, it is essential to fully exploit the potential of data in order to customize the experience.

MAPFRE wants to lead the market in this new landscape. To respond to this healthcare revolution, today we’re launching Savia: a digital platform for flexible and dynamic health services, aimed at helping users manage their own health and their families’ health.

This platform (only available in Spain at the moment) is part of MAPFRE’s commitment to innovation and digitalization. We believe that the future of insurance is in the services offered, and in placing the client at the center of the company’s processes and encouraging them to use only what they need.

If everything evolves, why should health be stuck in the past? The new way of understanding health is linked to vitality and good habits, as well as the availability and ease of use of medical services. Being healthy means feeling good about yourself and the environment, and having control over your health at all times. That’s why Savia—the new digital health services platform launched by MAPFRE in Spain—focuses on immediacy, availability, prevention, and control of personal health through user-centered healthcare plans.  Your health is now in your hands and 100% accessible from any device.

Savia was developed with real users, following the test-and-learn philosophy. It is based on constant improvement so as to offer users the best possible service. Savia is the digital health services platform that modern consumers need.

The result is an accessible, responsive and personalized service. Savia provides access to more than 40 medical specialties. It also allows you to book medical tests, treatments and surgeries, find appointment centers, speak to a doctor through video call or chat and includes health content for all ages and needs.

Anyone can use Savia, whether or not you have health insurance. Several payment methods are available: you can purchase a single service or buy a subscription plan, as with many of today’s other digital services. The plans can be activated and deactivated easily and quickly, without commitment or cancelation fees. Users get to decide what they want to use, how much they pay, and for how long, always in the most flexible way possible.

In addition, Savia allows users to decide who is going to use the services purchased, without any restrictions.

With Savia, users take control of their own health

In addition to being a digital health services platform, Savia responds to users’ concerns, advises them, and makes it easier for them to take control of their health, regardless of where they are. Digitization of healthcare is the future.

For individuals who don’t have health insurance, Savia provides private, customized health services. And for those with health insurance, it offers additional services as needed.

The platform features include:

  • Immediate access to a wealth of health services with a 100% mobile-adapted interface, plus access from other channels such as web browsers. Some services are even available in the latest digital assistants (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant).

  • Personalized advice for clients choosing the professional best suited to their needs at any given moment.

  • Freedom to choose when, how, and who provides healthcare, and real information for clients on how much they are spending and where it’s going.

  • Flexibility – users can register a profile for whoever needs it, regardless of their relationship to them.

  • A constantly growing platform that incorporates new services and always responds to the latest advances and trends in health and technology.

In the words of Jose Manuel Inchausti, CEO of the Iberia Regional Area: “We’re creating the biggest and best digital health platform in Spain. Clients and non-clients alike can monitor their health from the palm of their hands and access a complete catalog of services provided at the high quality standard people have come to expect from MAPFRE.” Pedro Díaz Yuste, head of MAPFRE Digital Health, says: “Society is interacting in different ways. People are moving toward a digital and connected world in which they want to be the main actor. Savia is precisely that solution. It allows you to take control of your health and manage it digitally, flexibly and instantaneously.”

Savia is available on Android and iOS devices through Google Play and the App Store, and offers a free two-month trial period. Users can also go to www.saludsavia.com to visit the webpage in spanish.