MAPFRE México and HSBC have reached an agreement to develop Inversión Retiro together, which will allow the client to combine a savings and an investment option in the same product.

This is an insurance product that invests in long-term funds and that also offers important tax benefits.

According to information from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexicans will receive an average of 26 percent of their salary when they retire. As such, Inversión Retiro will allow those who want to increase their retirement income level to complement their savings.

“With these plans, HSBC and MAPFRE together want to help economically active people who do not yet have an additional retirement plan to find a solution that covers their needs, taking advantage of attractive returns and tax stimuli,” explained Jesús Martínez, CEO of LATAM North Regional Area and CEO of MAPFRE México.

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