This ranking places MAPFRE MEXICO in third position overall for its outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility practices.


MAPFRE MEXICO took third place in the ranking of responsible companies with comprehensive strategies. This study, which was carried out by the magazine Expansión in collaboration with the Schulich School of Business, is based on the three pillars of corporate social responsibility best practice: economic, environmental, and social impact management.

MAPFRE achieved excellent results in all three categories, securing a weighting of 72.9, making it the best positioned finance sector company in the country, proof of its commitment to Social Responsibility. This also showcases its commitment to its collaborators, good corporate governance, and the emphasis it places on gender equality in the workforce.

MAPFRE has launched several initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, for responsible management of both organic and inorganic waste and changing its service vehicles to include more hybrid alternatives.

This recognition arrives just in time for the #PlayingOurPart campaign, a MAPFRE concept that is dedicated to people and based on taking actions. It represents the part each of us plays, the thousands of little actions that add up when it comes to our shared objective of protecting the earth and creating a present and future that is for the people, one where all of us, each from our own little corners, can help and be agents of change. As a socially responsible company, MAPFRE plays its part but it is also using this campaign to call on the public to help make the world a more equal, prosperous, secure and conscious place.

MAPFRE continues to work to have positive impact on the communities and countries in which it operates, having threaded its social responsibility plan through its DNA. This places a particular focus on important topics such as climate change, the circular economy, social responsibility, ethics and the inclusion of diverse talent in line with the 2030 Agenda.