Spain’s largest independent asset manager sheds light on its commitment to sustainable finance

MAPFRE AM, MAPFRE’S asset manager, has just released a new website (, which focuses is on the company’s commitment to sustainable finance. The website will allow clients to view all the strategies applied by the manager in relation to ESG criteria, both in mutual funds and pension funds, as well as more traditional fixed income and equity products adapted to each risk profile.

This commitment to sustainable finance has led to MAPFRE AM becoming the first Spanish asset manager to be awarded the SRI Label, which is granted by the French Government. Furthermore, the entire team, (both the managers and the executives) have received the prestigious international EFFAS Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA) certification from the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies, which assesses the set of skills needed to efficiently rate, measure and incorporate ESG criteria when analyzing investments.

In turn, the website highlights MAPFRE AM’s leadership in the industry, with more than 40 billion euros under management in Europe, which makes it the largest independent manager in Spain. A special reference is made to its partners, both at the national and international levels.

In addition, through the new website, investors—and therefore current or prospective clients—will be able to find all the content communicated in relation to the Group’s investment area, such as press releases, events, and even investment podcasts, as well as the financial newsletter which analyzes the current economic and market panorama.

Here you can watch the video launching the new MAPFRE AM website: