The company offers innovative response to the needs of its clients in the U.S. state

MAPFRE takes another step in its commitment to innovation and becomes one of the first insurers in Massachusetts to cover drivers that use their own car in car sharing.

“As car sharing grows in the state, we know that thousands of drivers from companies such as Uber and Lift (or new mobility companies) need appropriate protection,” explained John Kelly, Vice Chairman of MAPFRE Insurance in the Northeast Region.

This new solution has been authorized by the competent authority, the State’s Division of Insurance.
MAPFRE overcomes the challenge presented by this type of mobility and protects drivers. “As market leaders in Massachusetts, we undertake to provide our clients with innovative products that suit their lives and changing needs,” stated Kelly.

MAPFRE is the leading car insurer in Massachusetts and is present in 19 American states, where it aspires to consolidate its position as a leading insurer. Through a network of more than 5,000 independent agents and intermediaries, MAPFRE has made the Top 20 in personal and car insurance in the USA.