Acumen Academy and Open Value Foundation—two pioneering foundations in social impact—have selected Alberto Matellán, Chief Economist at MAPFRE Inversión, as one of the new 25 Spanish leaders to promote Social Justice. The MAPFRE AM Inclusion Fund is a fund devised by the expert and is focused on the letter S (Social) within the ESG criteria as it pertains to investment. The fund has been particularly important, as it incorporates into the portfolio the companies that are most committed to including people with disabilities in the workplace.

The current edition, the second in Spain, had 300 candidates, including engineers, journalists, entrepreneurs, public administration technicians and social entrepreneurs. As indicated by both foundations, they all share a common goal: the challenge of generating a systemic change in society; innovating and offering more balanced approaches to solve some of today’s challenges, from equality to climate change.

The Acumen Fellows program was established in New York in 2007 “to encourage the community of leaders from all countries of the world who have the determination, imagination and perseverance to dream of a better world and make it a reality.” Founded by renowned American entrepreneur Jacqueline Novogratz and funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, the program offers leadership training every year “to boost their skills to create solutions for the most complex social problems of our time.” In Spain, the Open Value Foundation, founded by María Ángeles León, is supporting this initiative for the second time and is helping to finance the mentoring and training project.