• Creating a Life Insurance Investment that protects equity called “Previsión Óptima Monex,” which takes full advantage of the tax benefits that encourage and reward savings.
  • The investment is made in Monex’s best portfolios, backed by the support and popularity that characterize this financial institution.


MAPFRE has partnered with Monex to offer Mexicans a life insurance investment that will be called “Previsión Óptima Monex” [“Monex Optimal Forecast”]. The insurance is geared toward building equity through Mutual Funds that will make it possible to plan for retirement or meet certain goals, and it is tailored to clients based on their individual financial profiles.

MAPFRE representatives José María Romero, CEO of MAPFRE LATAM North and CEO of MAPFRE MEXICO, and Daniela Becerril Calva, Life Business Development Manager at MAPFRE MEXICO, were present at the signing of the agreement. For Monex, Héctor Lagos Dondé, Monex Executive President, and Moisés Tiktin Nickin, General Manager of International, Private Banking and Trusts, were present. The joint objective is to insure Mexicans’ equity and retirement, given that, according to figures from the AMIB (Asociación Mexicana de Instituciones Bursátiles — Mexican Association of Securities Intermediaries), less than 1 percent of Mexicans invest in financial instruments, whether directly or indirectly. When compared to the United States, where 60 percent of the population has stock market investments, Mexico clearly has a long way to go when it comes to foresight and looking to the future.

“At MAPFRE, we are very pleased to have entered into this partnership, offering our clients great investment and savings solutions with excellent returns, in addition to the tax benefits that insurance products have in Mexico. This kind of solution strengthens the insurance and financial options we offer to everyone and is focused on the various needs that we have identified in the market. Solutions have also become tailored to people’s abilities and goals, meaning that, nowadays, thinking about a dignified retirement or achieving a life project is no longer beyond anyone’s reach,” said José María Romero, CEO of MAPFRE LATAM North and CEO of MAPFRE MEXICO.

Héctor Lagos Dondé, Monex Executive President, said: “We are pleased to have entered into this partnership with MAPFRE, an innovative institution with products that have international reach. This new Previsión Óptima Monex product represents a great opportunity for investors seeking to protect and increase their equity, with the safety net of an insurance policy.”

Previsión Óptima Monex aims to guarantee a performance that is aligned with the client’s financial profile and offers significant fiscal stimuli in line with its objectives. In addition to providing protection in the event of death, which functions as a guarantee for family members by providing a safety net for any eventuality, it also ensures that any planned projects can be pursued. The minimum age to take out insurance is 18 and the maximum age is 85. This means we can focus on all the segments we have an interest in.

One major differentiator in the market is that this product takes advantage of the important tax benefits that insurance offers, in line with each client’s individual goals. This additional help will benefit people in planning a more prosperous and fruitful retirement.

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