In recent weeks there have been a number of hurricanes in the Atlantic, the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico, and in this country there have been earthquakes of great magnitude. Other storms remain active and at the time of writing this article, news was focused on the passage of hurricane Maria over Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic.
In MAPFRE, all units that underwrite catastrophe risk are especially alert to this type of event. This was explained by the Juan Satrústegui, Manager of the Natural Perils Department at MAPFRE RE who, during the interview below, asserted that some of the sources consulted, in addition to news provided by the mainstream media, are those warnings published by national and international bodies who usually issue alerts in the face of this type of event, as well as various mobile applications specifically created for this purpose.
Monitoring by MAPFRE, the main features affecting the severity of a catastrophe, the importance of technology in a hyper connected world and MAPFRE’