The General Manager of MAPFRE’s Corporate Investment Area analyzed the implications of the current low interest rate environment for financial markets, the general public, business environment and people with decision-making responsibility.




Global Invest Forum (GIF) is the annual Asset Management conference organized by AGEFI. This year’s summit brought together leading international investors and experts in Paris for a program which included discussion of geopolitics and macroeconomics, Brexit, regulation, central bank policies, pension fund management, and asset and debt management.

José Luis Jiménez, General Manager of MAPFRE’s Corporate Investment Area took part in a panel in the closing session of the event on new paths for allocation and asset classes: performance indicators for 2017-2018.

During his intervention, which was entitled “No rates, no fun”, he reviewed international monetary policy developments – characterized by an unprecedented, record low interest rate environment – and called for as generous as possible incentives to be put in place to promote saving as a necessary element of a strong economic system.

Jiménez explained that the low interest rate environment was obscuring the flow of valuable information to agents and getting in the way of optimal capital distribution.

The other members of the panel were Gaëtan Delculée, Global Head of ETF, Indexing & Smart Beta Sales at AMUNDI, Matthias Seewald, Chief Investment Officer of Allianz France and Jean Claude-Bertrand, Head of Multi-Assets at HSBC GLOBAL ASSET MANAGEMENT.

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