From 30th September until 5th October, CESVIMAP was the host for the annual RCAR convention for the third time in its history. Debate and exchange of the most recent research projects analysed by the 26 RCAR member centres, from 19 countries.

The majority of the more than 60 presentations grouped into the customary thematic groups -autonomous and connected vehicles, ADAS and cyber security, damageability and repairability and insurance and other subjects-, coincided in something: the implications of the new concepts of mobility, autonomous driving, as well the conflicts which may arise when insuring the risk, along with vehicle data protection.

CESVIMAP set out its experience in tests carried out on various ADAS systems: AEB, pedestrian detection, lane keep assist, sign recognition, etc. Tests designed and patented by our centre which are valid for cameras, radars or LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging).

Our second presentation was: Limits in painting vehicle sensors”. We have studied how to paint sensors without affecting their capacity to work properly, to detect people or obstacles. The fact is that certain paintwork products, technologies, like special effect paintwork, include pearlised or metallic particles (for instance, aluminium), and this can affect the ADAS sensors.

Our research into motorcycle crash helmets included crash tests as its practical test, carried out on helmets of different materials, at low and high speed, from different heights, and with subsequent analysis of the possible damage caused, both radiological and tomographical.
Lastly, we explained our experience in training with Virtual Reality, to overcome language and spatial barriers, which may affect the automotive sector, meaning it constitutes a significant learning hub.

After this, each RCAR member centre will pass on these advances to the actors involved: vehicle manufacturers, component manufacturers, related businesses, appraisers, repair shops… Their work is of enormous service to society, encouraging the undertaking of certain investments to boost repairability and, in short, safety.

We wish CIRI the best of luck in the organisation and presentation of thrilling topics from the world of the automobile: CIRI is taking on organisation of RCAR 2019.