This interview with Renzo Calda inaugurates a new series of video interviews of the main MAPFRE executives around the world.

We start this interesting conversation with Renzo Calda, the CEO of MAPFRE in Peru, a company that has obtained excellent financial results in 2017 within LATAM South, which have quadrupled its profits thanks to the favorable development of the businesses in that country, among other things.

The Company was also named Best Life Insurer in 2017 by the magazine World Finance.

During the interview, Renzo Calda refers to people as the strengths that the insurer has in the country and notes the importance of carrying out a true digital transformation that is aligned with the strategic plan established by the Group.

He also emphasizes the popularization of insurance as a key objective to continue to service the needs of society and he reveals the many matters that he handles and works on day-to-day at the Company.

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