MAPFRE USA’s MotionSmart UBI product can lead to increased safety behind the wheel, resulting in discounts on insurance. MotionSmart was developed in collaboration with Cambridge Mobile Telematics (CMT) for new MAPFRE policyholders in Massachusetts.

Alliance with CMT


Jaime Tamayo, CEO of MAPFRE USA and North America, commented, “Safer driving implies fewer accidents. We are delighted to partner with CMT, the world’s leading provider of mobile telematics and analytics, to encourage responsible driving while rewarding customers who demonstrate their commitment to road safety.”

“Distractions caused by cell phone use affect drivers’ perception and response time, leading to more hard braking and more severe hits,” explains William Powers, co-founder and CEO of CMT. “We are proud to work together with MAPFRE to reward those who reduce risk at the wheel.”


Reduce accident risks

In an interview published by Agency Checklists, MAPFRE USA’s Senior Vice President of Business Development for the Northeast Region, Keith Jensen, noted increased customer interest in premium-lowering programs that are based on individual driving behavior.

According to a CMT study, 74% of consumers would purchase an insurance product that takes their driving habits into account. MotionSmart is an opportunity for new MAPFRE customers in Massachusetts to use a smartphone application that rewards them for driving safely.

Studies show that the use of UBI products helps reduce

Discounts on auto insurance

New policyholders who register for MotionSmart also receive an immediate value in the form of a discount on their auto policy, if all covered drivers register with the app, and as long as they make at least one trip within 30 days of enrollment.

In addition, they can receive up to 20% savings on auto insurance renewal, depending on how safely they drive. They also receive personalized coaching in a gamification format that encourages their participation.

MAPFRE USA’s stringent privacy policy and robust security measures protect customers’ data and privacy, which is a critical component of the company’s commitment to provide excellent service and exemplary products.